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Apple might collaborate with Huawei and Qualcomm for new 5G iPhones in 2021

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Apple’s new iPhone

By the looks of it, the Cupertino tech giant is only 18 months away from unveiling the iPhone with 5G Connectivity. If Apple won’t be able to deliver an iPhone with 5G network connectivity, the company may face serious competition.

This week, on Monday, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei was seen to offer Apple 5G modems for the next generation iPhone. And this marked the first time that Huawei is offering its cutting edge technology to another manufacturer. It is always the Chinese companies that come forward to rescue the American companies. And the same thing happened with Huawei and Apple. Judging by the relationship between America and China, the approach is going to make Apple swallow the big humble pie.

On Monday, the two major companies of the US, Qualcomm, and Apple made their return to the courts. The companies are still going through their everlasting patent documentation saga. According to the source, the two companies made their return to settle their case once and for all.

Will there be a 5G iPhone?

After Qualcomm and Apple concluded their opening arguments, they made a decision to settle their dispute. And now the lawsuits and subpoena between the two companies have come to an end. During the settlement, the companies agree that Apple will purchase the chipsets that Qualcomm will manufacture.

As Huawei made the offer that Apple cannot refuse, MediaTek and Samsung are unlikely to meet up with Apple’s deadline. On the other hand, Intel said that the company is going to exit the global 5G modem market. And this also indicates that Apple will lag behind the numerous smartphone manufacturers.

Apple will struggle to release an iPhone powered by 5G networking in the year 2021. The only option left with Apple is to bring a negotiation with Qualcomm to release a robust and power Apple iPhone to date.

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