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Apple is curating a 5G version of iPad Pro by 2020 and list of features are

apple 5G ipad pro

Apple’s 5G iPad Pro

The Cupertino tech giant is bestowing loads of love for the iPads. In March, Apple came forward with new models of iPad Air and iPad Mini. On top of that Apple even made several upgrades to its robust iPad Pro during the end of 2018. There is a highly likely chance that refreshing rumor about the iPad Pro might affect the following year’s 5G iPhone.

A new prediction came into being which states that the new iPad Pro models are going to include the technology which is very new to Apple. According to recent rumors, Apple is going to feature a new and improved antenna. The rumor also suggests that the Cupertino tech giant may use the same antenna in the new iPhone. But there is no confirmation whether the Apple is going to put the original antenna in 2019 or 2020 iPhone models.

5G Network Module will feature on Apple iPad Pro

The new rumor has put a lot of pressure on the iPhone maker. Now, Apple has to release the iPhone with 5G connectivity so that the company can release the 5G iPad later. By the looks of it, Apple will release the tablet with 5G connectivity around sometime in 2021. The reason why 5G iPad will debut in 2021 is that iPhone 5G will make its debut in 2020 winter.

It is always easy to question these kinds of rumors and their validity. But, this rumor seems to be concrete as it comes from one of the reliable analysts around the world, Ming-Chi Kuo. Ming-Chi Kuo is one of the topmost analysts of TFI Securities.


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The rumor also suggests that the production of the new iPad with 5G connectivity module will begin this fall. And this makes complete sense as the previous generation of iPad Pro models came into being back in 2018 October. According to Economic Daily News, the production of the 5G-enabled iPads won’t be until 2020.

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