Anya Taylor-Joy Opens Up About Profession Furiosa Following Charlize Theron in’Mad Max’ Origin Story

Anya Taylor-Joy Opens Up About Playing Furiosa After Charlize Theron in ‘Mad Max’ Origin Story

Anya Taylor-Joy is starting up about stepping to Charlize Theron‘s shoes and becoming to depict Furiosa at the Mad Max source story.

The 24-year old celebrity battled with MTV’s Josh Horowitz about the Joyful Sad Confused podcast, also revealed that she is”humbled and thankful” to be after Charlize at the part.

“[Charlize] did such an amazing job and it had been so amazing and I can not even consider attempting to measure [into her shoes],” Anya shared. “It needs to be something distinct, as it simply can not be carried out.”

Anya added that”the very first thing went through my mind once I discovered I was planning to perform it had been,’I’m am rather eager to work really hard.’ The degree of commitment that’s been revealed before mepersonally, I attempt to match this, which makes me very excited.”

Formerly, Charlize demonstrated the way she felt about being replaced with a younger performer in the function for a prequel movie.

“it is somewhat dreadful, for certain,” she acknowledged. “I love this character, and I am so thankful I had a little role in making her. She’ll forever be somebody that I think about and reflect fondly. Obviously, I’d really like to find that narrative continue, and when he feels as though he must go about it like this, then I expect him [George Miller] in that fashion.”

Know more about the upcoming origin narrative, that is also star Chris Hemsworth, here…

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