Is Famous YouTuber Anthony Fontana Divorcing His Wife? Find Out Everything About The Couple!

Anthony Fantano publishes articles and makes YouTube videos where he talks and debates about several genres of music. He also worked as a director for a radio station between the year 2000 and the time he entered Southern Connecticut State College for his undergraduate studies.

News of Anthony breaking up with his wife has been making rounds and people have been discussing it on social media platforms, and fans have expressed their disappointment about the current development. However, the YouTuber has not addressed the rumors in any way. Before their divorce rumors, the pair have been together for a long time and they all reside in Connecticut.

Anthony Fantano YouTube Channel

Anthony Fantano divorce

Anthony Fantano has over 2.54 million YouTube subscribers and is well-renowned for his exploits there. On January 21, 2009, he created his first channel the needle drop. The entire song is devoted to analyzing the newest musical songs either albums or songs. Anthony uses a scale of 0-10 for his ratings and has only ever given five flawless scores on his show. The songs include Pimping a Butterfly by Kendric Lamar and The Money Store Death Grips. He also gave a review of the Latest Green Day album, Father of all.

It’s interesting to note that Anthony Fantano did not plan on a musical career. He had dreamed of being a cartoonist when he was younger. He was passionate because he adored cartoons like The Simpsons. But by 2007, Anthony had advanced to the position of music director at Southern Connecticut State University radio station.

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Is Anthony Fantank Divorced?

Anthony Fantano divorce

It’s no secret that Anthony Fantank is going through a divorce. He has been very open about his breakup with his wife and he took to his social media platforms to document some of the proceedings.

But now, it seems that the divorce is not going smoothly as Anthony has taken to Youtube to rant about his wife in a public way. This has led to many wondering if he will end up in a divorce court. Currently. there is no record of him appearing in a divorce court.

Who Is Anthony Fantank Currently Married To?

Anthony Fontano divorce

The famous YouTube is currently married to a woman named Dominique Boxley. The two dated for a prolonged period before eventually settling down. Their marriage is an interracial one because Dominique is an African American.

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When Did Anthony Met Dominique Boxley?

Anthony Fantano divorce

Anthony started introducing Dominique as his girlfriend in 2011 and they were spotted together for the first time on Valentine’s day. Although it’s not clear when they first meet or when they got married rumors had it that they had been together for a very long time. Anthony and Dominique do not have any children together.

Dominique Boxley gained notoriety after she wed Anthony Fantano. She is an African American who has supported her husband by appearing in a few of his youtube movies. There is currently not much information about her. Anthony and Dominique are very private about their relationship.

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