Anthony Anderson Records His Colonoscopy Expertise [VIDEO]

Anthony Anderson Documents His Colonoscopy Experience [VIDEO]

Anthony Anderson Records His Colonoscopy Expertise, Shares With Fans [VIDEO]

Sometimes the best approach to acquire through an embarrassing situation would be to laugh your way through, plus it appeared like this came easy to get funny-man, celebrity Anthony Anderson.

The 50-year old Black-ish celebrity uploaded a photograph of mature diapers describing he was planning for his initial colonoscopy procedure.  In addition, he gave some advice to his followers, also implying the men of color undergo the process in the time of age 45.  He composed,

Guess what I am doing tonight? Prepping for the very first colonoscopy tomorrow. I suggest all of guys particularly men of color do this. I state in the age 45. Just check with your health care provider! Health is riches!  #justakidfromcompton

This was not very all for Anthony, however.  He continued to allow his supporters on a yearlong trip from looking for adult diapers for his own check on the afternoon of his process. See videos under.

The new Hollywood Walk of Famer lasted to shed light about getting his test, making a significant thing feel light-hearted because of his lovers.

A colonoscopy is a test employed to detect changes or abnormalities in the large intestine or anus and may be employed to detect early stages of cancer.  Based on reports, at the U.S., present guidelines recommend screening for CRC at age 50 decades nevertheless, many professional societies have advocated screening in age 45 decades at Blacks.



Luckily, Anthony has been given a clean bill of health based on his final article of this sequence.  He composed,

Clean bill of health.  No polyps!  Thanks to the physicians at USC KECK Medical centre! #justakidfromcompton

had been Anthony capable to help keep you amused along his trip into his process?  Share your ideas with us under.