Is Android 17 the most Powerful Z Character In Dragon Ball Multiverse?

Whenever we talk about power scaling in manga, things get heated up. It’s not easy to rank characters according to their strength objectively. Especially when the author doesn’t provide much information in this regard, it becomes mere speculation. Similar is the case with the Dragon Ball franchise – the Android 17. Over the years we’ve seen some of the strongest contenders in the saga. However, to this day nobody can say that a certain character is strongest in verse without any flaws in the argument. 

Goku, Vegeta, Gohan have all been firmly considered the strongest Z fighters in the multiverse. However, the latest revelation has hinted that Android 17 may have surpassed them. Android 17 has been sort of an underdog in the story of Dragon Ball. This cyborg has tons of accomplishment to his name making him one of the most formidable opponents in the series. 

If you are wondering, How did Android 17 get so strong or how strong is Android 17 then this article for you where we discuss about the Android 17 from DBM.

Who is Android 17?

Android 17 was the creation of Dr. Gero who was also responsible for creating android 18. Initially, the purpose of creating Android 17 was to kill the series protagonist Goku. However fast forward several years it seems like Android 17 is no longer interested in doing that. He has its own set of objectives and is striving to become even stronger. 

Who is Android 17?
Who is Android 17?

Android 17 being a cyborg possesses some inhumane capabilities. His never-ending stamina is his ultimate weapon. Since he doesn’t get tired, he can fight for an extended period, wearing out his enemies. Like other villains, Android 17 was portrayed to be one of the strongest. He didn’t take much time to take down both Piccolo and Tienshinhan. 

What Makes Android 17 the Strongest?

Various reasons support the argument of Android 17 being the ultimate fighter in the Dragon Ball Multiverse. The very first being that he doesn’t have any inherent human physical traits. He’s by far one of the most durable characters in the saga. If he likes he could just wait around for the opponent to gas out and then defeat them. Having trained for several years, Android 17 has become an embodiment of cyborg built invincible. 

There’s still no evidence of Android 17 being the strongest in the verse. But theoretically, his abilities combined with the potential to grow simply put him on the top. It’s stupid to not consider Android 17 in the same league as other powerful fighters, especially after the latest showings of the character.

Is Android 17 the most Powerful Z Character In Dragon Ball Multiverse?
Android 17 In Dragon Ball Multiverse

The biggest highlight of Android 17’s prominence was his fight in Tournament of Power. To everyone’s surprise, Android 17 was the last person standing in the arena outclassing Goku, Frieza, and Jiren. 

What’s the Future of Android 17?

Android 17 has shown his capabilities in the Tournament of Power. With his durability, he is very well capable of fending off stronger opponents.

During the practice brawl with Goku, Android 17 mentioned that he had been training over the last years. The training has elevated his strength to such an extent that he can fight on par with Goku. The curve of Android 17’s strength is only going to rise. With more arduous training, he will most likely surpass everyone.

We will keep you updated with all the latest happenings related to the anime industry. What are your thoughts on strength of Android 17? Is he capable of whooping other characters or will he get destroyed by stronger fighters? Make sure to comment on what you think.