Andrew Luck Net Worth: Foundation and Charity!

andrew luck net worth

Former football player Andrew Austen Luck is extremely accomplished and well-known over ten different worlds. On September 12, 1989, Andrew Luck was born in Washington, D.C., in the United States. His father has accomplished a number of notable feats and was a quarterback for the Houston Oilers.

In addition, his father has held positions with a number of sporting organizations. He served as the XFL commissioner and the NCAA executive vice president.

Andrew was brought up in a Roman Catholic household where he participated in youth ministry. Because of his father’s business, he had a very mobile early life.

Andrew grew up in both Germany and London. In Frankfurt, he finished his high school education. Andrew was reared in Frankfurt along with his siblings. The eldest of his siblings, he is the oldest. Andrew began playing soccer after his time in London and grew to love it.

andrew luck net worth

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Andrew Luck Salary

The extraordinary personality of Andrew Luck has won him a lot of respect during his career. Luck played American football professionally for only seven years before retiring. Nevertheless, he has been able to establish himself during that time.

In his high school and college years, he was the most incredible and coveted amateur talent. He was chosen first overall in the 2012 NFL Draft. Additionally, Andrew Luck has been successful in building up his net worth, which is approximately $45 million.

Andrew Luck Resources

Andrew Luck is a fantastic person that resides in America and has a large real estate portfolio. He is extremely affluent and owns residences in Washington, DC, New York, Los Angeles, Indiana, and other places.

Andrew Luck has a stunning collection of automobiles, including some of the most exotic models. Luck owns a Tesla, Lexus, Land Rover, Mercedes AMG GT-R, and a few other vehicles. He is renowned for enjoying driving, and he frequently drives on the weekends.

Charity and The Andrew Luck Foundation

The former Indianapolis Colts quarterback doesn’t have a personal foundation, but he has worked closely with the neighborhood. Andrew Luck Day was proclaimed on September 3rd by Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett in recognition of the positive effects of his charity endeavors.

Andrew Luck and Riley Children’s Health in Indianapolis have collaborated closely. The Riley Children’s Foundation and the “Be The Hope” campaign were the ex-Indianapolis Colts quarterback’s choices for the NFL’s “My Cause, My Cleats” campaign.

He also acted as the “Giving Ambassador” for the “The Gift of Hope Happens Here” campaign. A year-long initiative, the campaign supports Riley Children’s Health’s patients.

In addition, Luck sings Christmas carols at the hospital. Additionally, the former Indianapolis Colts quarterback founded the “Andrew Luck Book Club” to share his love of reading and inspire others to read.

andrew luck net worth

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Andrew Luck’s Supporters

The quarterback currently receives a $9 million yearly contract. TD Ameritrade, BodyArmor, Panini, and DirecTV are among the companies that the former Indianapolis Colts quarterback has promoted, according to Forbes. In addition, according to a FOX Business piece, Luck owns stock in the sports drink firm BodyArmor.

Andrew Luck Training

Many of Andrew Luck’s formative years were spent in Germany and London. In his early years, Luck attended Frankfurt High School. Later, he attended Stratford High School, where he received his diploma. At Stanford University, Andrew Luck completed his post-graduate coursework.


Andrew Luck’s net worth is projected to reach $45 million as of 2022. From the beginning of his college career, he was one of the top players. A $122 million contract was in place with Andrew Luck (2016 to 2021). He graduated from the esteemed Stanford University.

Former American professional football player Andrew Luck spent seven years playing quarterback for Indianapolis in the NFL and became known as one of the league’s top quarterbacks.

2019 saw his retirement. His football career was mostly how he became wealthy. In addition, he earns money via sponsorship deals, investments, and comedy series performing. He made headlines when he was spotted in an unrecognizably different way during a national championship match. He currently resides in Indianapolis with his family.

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