Ana De Armas Says that Social Media Has Ruined the “Concept of A Movie Star”: “That Secret Is Gone”

Ana De Armas Says that Social Media Has Ruined the "Concept of A Movie Star": "That Secret Is Gone"

Ana de Armas thinks social media has harmed how people should perceive movie stars.

In an interview for the most recent Vanity Fair cover story, published on Wednesday, the Oscar nominee discussed social media and its pervasive impact on Hollywood success.

De Armas responded, “I feel like the younger generations don’t have that understanding,” when asked about the absence of mystery around stardom in today’s youngsters owing to the presence of social media.

“There is an abundance of sharing and publishing. A fictional, unreachable person who only appears in movies is referred to as a movie star. The information was made public “She went on to elaborate. “We caused that to happen; nobody these days keeps secrets.”

With her Oscar-nominated portrayal of Marilyn Monroe, the 34-year-old actress was alluding to the dwindling idea of a movie star.

Ana De Armas Says that Social Media Has Ruined the "Concept of A Movie Star": "That Secret Is Gone"

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Monroe may be a legend, but de Armas argues that in order to play the part, she had to be able to identify with some of the characteristics of the actress from the Golden Period.

“I discovered numerous connections. If you take Marilyn Monroe “the movie star” away, Marilyn Monroe is just an actress trying to make her way through life and this system, which is difficult for anyone to do.” ties to the de Armas family.

The Knives Out actress also said that she hates social media and that the only reason she has an online presence is because of the present advertising environment.

“My only social media platform right now is Instagram, and I almost never use it due to how frequently postings and comments make me angry. I am currently unable to delete Instagram from my account, which is a shame “She clarified. “It’s a relief to realize that I’m more than just an actress. I already have commitments from other businesses and am developing more brands. This year has been fantastic for Blonde and the films I’ll discuss.”

She made a point “It’s challenging because you can feel under pressure to share some private information or insight to keep your audience interested. I have a lot of trouble locating that happy middle.”

Ana De Armas Says that Social Media Has Ruined the "Concept of A Movie Star": "That Secret Is Gone"

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The actress from Cuba knows directly how challenging it is to maintain a separation between her personal and professional lives. She expressed that she found it “worrying” that her private life, in particular her relationships, were the focus of so much media attention in a cover story for Variety in September.

“I’ve never been the sort to look for compliments that aren’t specifically about my work achievements. As a result, I find it offensive, hurtful, inappropriate, risky, and unsafe when attention is diverted from my task “She commented. “I fail to understand how you could ever feel secure, particularly in this nation. Other than you leaving, I can’t think of a way to stop that from happening.”

Ben Affleck, the ex-husband of Jennifer Lopez, began dating the No Time to Die actress in March 2020. The two had broken up because de Armas no longer “wanted to remain Los Angeles-based,” a source told PEOPLE in January 2021.

Variety quotes De Armas as saying that she is “just involved in my profession” and has no interest in discussing her personal life. De Armas is reportedly dating Tinder Founder Paul Boukadakis.

“I want to leave this as my legacy. I won’t listen if you make the opposing argument “she stated. “Some people find it easier than others to accept that. It even has some fans. I count myself among those who would prefer not to have it.”

Netflix has Blonde when it comes to streaming services.

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