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An Apple Insider unveils a surprising design for iPhone XR

iphone xr

Design for iPhone XR

Since Apple iPhone X, the iPhones have become the medium to dig a hole into the pockets of the customers. The iPhone X series brought a new generation of expensive iPhones which did manage to shun the world. Nevertheless, a new leak from an acclaimed Apple Insider unveils an outrageous design change of Apple iPhone XR. And now there is the need for explanation.

OnLeaks aka Steve Hemmerstoffer took it to Twitter and said about the 2019 version of Apple iPhones. OnLeaks said that Apple will release iPhone 11, iPhones 11 Max and the second generation of XR: iPhone XR 2. According to OnLeaks, the second generation of iPhone XR will sport a triple camera setup. Previously, it was said that Apple would provide a triple camera set up to the premium models. But now revelation suggests that XR will also sport triple camera given that the present iPhone XR has a single camera.

2019 iPhone XR will get a triple camera setup

Hemmerstoffer said that he was tipped off from a new source. It is also true that usually best in the business motto usually has the habit of working out.

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If the source of Hemmerstoffer is right then the next question is whether it is good or bad? Whether the device is good or bad depends on the cost of the device. The reason why XR was cheaper than its counterparts is that Apple let go of the 2x optical zoom. There isn’t an image sensor in XR, and rather there is only a convention camera. And now that the future generation of Apple iPhone XR will feature tri-camera, it will raise the smartphone’s price.

Apple is currently going through trouble regarding the 5G networking module. Given that Apple surprises the world with iPhones and its technological advancement every year. It will be great to see what the company is going to bring forward in the future.

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