Amy Coney Barrett Says She’d Consider Recusal at Election Dispute

Amy Coney Barrett Says She Would Consider Recusal in Election Dispute
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Amy Coney Barrett Asserts she’s too much integrity to Let Herself be Utilised as a pawn for President Trump re-elected… and she Will consider recusal in a election dispute ends up in SCOTUS.

Judge Barrett simply answered a number of inquiries from Sen. Chris Coons through Tuesday’s confirmation hearingspecifically if she had been prepared to sit out things when Trump brings a contested election result into the maximum court in the land.

Barrett says she is not used by Trump — some say he is hurrying her affirmation to acquire an edge if the election hang from the remainder of a Supreme Court judgment — although she stopped short of some full-scale devotion to recuse herself because of appearance of prejudice.

Judge Barrett would just go as far as to say she’d consider all factors applicable to recusal and its own exemptions… and she invoked Ruth Bader Ginsburg‘s title to make her purpose.

Barrett says she is no pawn, however you are simply gonna need to take her word for this for the time being.

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