Amen Coroner: 10 on Augusta’s No.

12 kills Woods’ Pros

Amen Coroner: 10 on Augusta’s No. 12 kills Woods’ Masters

AUGUSTA, Ga. – This proved to be a really pristine 10 to get Tiger Woods.

The defending Masters champion recorded a septuple-bogey 10 on No. 12 at the last round on Sundaya couple of chunks to Rae’s Creek at the front of the green Augusta National’s signature level 3.

This was the maximum score on every hole in his career. Along with the carnage at Amen Corner fell him under to 4 for the championship, with just a late series of birdies rescue him out of his fitting his worst Experts around ever.

“This game is horribly lonely occasionally,” Woods explained. “nobody will deliver you away from the mound or phone into a sub. You need to fight it.

“You just need to turn around and work out the second chance,” said Woods, who followed closely the debacle at No. 12 together with birdies on each of their previous six holes to take at a 76 and complete in 1-under 287 to the tournament, tied to 38th. “And that I managed to do this coming home”

Woods was particularly alone this past year.

The 15-time leading winner usually attracts the largest galleries in golfing, but just a couple of dozen folks were seeing Sunday on account of this coronavirus pandemic which postponed the championship in the spring along with restricted audiences to Augusta National members, players and coaches’ important others.

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They have been abandoned counting on their hands, attempting to keep tabs on most his shots in the level 3 called Golden Bell.

Entering the last round 11 strokes behind leader Dustin Johnson, Woods had but noticed his own pursuit of a green coat finish at the time he came at No cost. 12 after bogeys on the fifth, seventh and again 10th holes which left him two over to the afternoon.

His tee shot on the far bank of this creek and wrapped back to the water. Woods stated he misread the end on that shot as it changed after his two acting partners had struck.

“That only started the issue,” he surrendered. “From there, I struck a whole lot more shots and also had a whole lot more adventures there in Rae’s Creek.”

Following a drop, he hit his third shot little further but it, also, rolled back to the water. His third effort to clean the creek — taken No. 5 — moved into a bunker behind the green.

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left having an embarrassing faulty stance — his left leg stretched and his left nearly entirely flexed — Woods flew on his first time shooter and divides it to the water. He went straight back into the bunker, woke up and down two or three days to become comfy in precisely the exact crooked stance and place shot No. 8 to the green, around 12 feet from the snare.

His first putt slid from the left border of this pit, leaving him an tap-in to get 10. All that has been made for Woods was going to complete the around and visit Butler Cabin to slide the green coat onto his successor’s shoulders.

“I have struck a couple too many shots (much more ) than I ever wished to now, and I won’t have exactly the chairman be placing the green coat on mepersonally,” he surrendered while Johnson and the remaining leaders were on the program. “I will be passing it .”

Last year in No. 12, Woods was propelled into his fifth inaugural name when four contenders chucked their shots to Rae’s Creek. At the four weeks of the 2019 success, he had just 12 strokes to level that the 12th on four consecutive days.

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In actuality, Woods needed just eight strokes joined to play with the gap in his first few rounds this season. However, Sunday’s misadventures erased everything was a commendable name defence and put Woods on track for what might have matched his worst score at the Experts: some third-round 77 as a 19-year old amateur producing his very first look 1995.


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“That is exactly what makes this game so distinctive and so hard emotionally,” he explained. “We have been there, sadly. Regrettably, I have been around.”

The great news: Woods likely must wait just five weeks to test. The final important in 2020 is scheduled to be the very first important of’21 in the event the pandemic lets it go back to its typical spring .

“Hopefully when everything goes the way it’s going at the moment, then we are ready to get this occasion in April,” Woods explained.

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