Amber Heard Slams Petition To Eliminate Her Out Of Aquaman two As’Not Launched In Fact’

Seems just like the Queen (of Atlantis) has spoken…

After Johnny Depp‘s reduction in his contentious UK libel lawsuit — and following firing out of his job as Grindlewald from the great Beasts franchise — a few thought if Warner Bros. would likewise provide Amber Heard the boot out of her tentpole franchise from the DC Cinematic Universe. After all, some not-so-flattering data was shown in the trial regarding her activities in what looked as a mutually violent relationship.

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The celebrity has finally broken her silence about the topic and put some speculation into bed. On Thursday, she told Entertainment Weekly:

“I am very excited about the quantity of lover love and the quantity of fan appreciation which Aquaman has obtained and it has gained so much enthusiasm to Aquaman and Mera it means we will be returning back. I am so eager to picture that.”

Today, we must mention that no casting was verified for Aquaman two — in actuality, the movie has never been greenlit from WB yet. That said, the very first man was a massive hit, and that she looks fairly certain that she will be part of it going so much as telling EW they expect to start filming 2021.

It must also be mentioned that it was not only idle speculation happening — there is an active request to substitute her at the screenplay which recently conquered one MILLION signatures. But that did not appear to disturb Amber. She explained:

“Paid rumors and compensated campaigns on social websites do not dictate [casting decisions] since they don’t have any foundation in fact. Just the lovers really produced Aquaman and Aquaman two occur. I am eager to begin a year ago.”

The 34-year old formerly asserted her ex was supporting the majority of internet vitriol against her. She filed a countersuit in the united states, increasing Johnny’s $50 million defamation suit to $100 million to the harm he has supposedly done for her livelihood.

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The authorized docs read:

“Mr. Depp is currently trying to defame Ms. Heard and hinder her reputation, livelihood and career through an internet smear campaign he’s organised and coordinated. As a part of his continuing smear campaign, Mr. Depp has led equally accurate and inauthentic social networking reports along with’bots’ to goal Ms. Heard’s Twitter accounts and make an effort to hinder her contracts and company.”

Hmm. Unsure what to consider here it’s definitely in the world of chance to purchase some bogus signatures for this request, but… more than a thousand?? You are into some type of nonsensical George Soros conspiracy concept math in there.

No, we are likely to believe there has got to be lots of frustrated lovers on this list. Is it such a stretch to understand there are loads of people around who observed the sound where Amber admits to committing domestic violence as well as taunts Johnny who nobody will believe him and chose for themselves??

Guess we will see just how these offenses maintain in court if the prior couple matches up to the approaching defamation lawsuit!

[Image via Cinzia Camela/WENN & WB/YouTube]

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