Amber Heard looks disgusting after alleged’barbarous row’ with Johnny Depp

Amber Heard appears bruised after alleged ‘violent row’ with Johnny Depp

Amber Heard’s cheek is red and simmer at a newly-released photograph taken after ex-husband Johnny Depp violently assaulted her, a court heard.

The Sun reports that Depp, 57, hurled a cell phone in her face at a drink-and-drug-fuelled anger, resulting in the harm, it’s said.

Time-stamp information demonstrates the film was shot the exact same day since the alleged assault at May 2016, even though Depp’s assert Ms Heard staged the marks in a subsequent period, the court observed.

A sullen-looking Ms Heard was photographed in people five days after in a black smock dress having a clear bruise on her head.

Depp is alleged to have become in the apartment that he shared Ms Heard”drunk and high on drugs” on May 21, 2016, prior to launching into a verbal tirade from her.

It is maintained he was mad because he guessed Ms Heard of pooing in his bed following a prior debate.

He threw a cell phone in her face, causing red marks and bruises to her anus, and smashed the penthouse using a magnum bottle of wine.

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The brand new image shown into the High Court on Friday reveals that the actor with a very long red mark down to the ideal side of her head.

However Depp’s pal Isaac Baruch now branded the photograph”phony-baloney” and implied Ms Heard had falsified the marks to get your camera to further her”fraudulent story”.

Mr Baruch, that lived next door to the few at Los Angeles, stated that he watched Ms Heard the afternoon following the alleged assault and detected no bruises or marks on her face.

He explained:”I am seeing these phony-baloney images in People magazine — that the Amish apparel, these pictures, the entire narrative. However, I found her on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with no marker.”

Mr Baruch stated he’d walked to Ms Heard’s apartment suddenly and it had been”clearly the incorrect time because of her” — implying she’d not had the time to pretend her injuries however.

He explained:”She had been n`t sporting a speck of cosmetics and there wasn’t anything on her head. I used to be a foot away from her and that there was nothing whatsoever.

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“I did not find one bruise, redness, markers or red-tinted phone imprint. Nothing, not even a thing”

He added:”She registered for a deceptive national violence order and blackmail Johnny from the divorce”

The courtroom had been formerly told Depp had been”mad and trying to get a fight” if he showed up in the flat.

Sasha Wass QC place to Depp:”You instantly introduced into accusations that Ms Heard had defecated at the mattress. You’re ranting and raving.

“You caught her telephone, wound your arm round such as a bowler and hauled the telephone difficult at Ms Heard’s face. It made contact with the ideal side of her face”

Ms Heard has been on the telephone to a buddy at the moment, TV sponsor pal iO Tillett Wright.

The telephone was active and Ms Heard requested her to telephone 911, the court heard.

Ms Wright contradicted their mutual buddy Rocky Pennington stating:”JD attacking Amber. She advised me to phone 911. I am doing this.”

Ms Pennington, that dwelt in a nearby apartment, came a couple of minutes later and place herself between Depp and also Ms Heard, it had been promised.

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Ms Wass advised Depp:”You pushed Ms Pennington from this way, subsequently Ms Heard dropped on the couch. You asked how she’d like it for those who pulled back her hair.

“Then you caught a magnum of wine and began moving it around and blasting things .”

Depp stated the incident didn’t occur, along with the texts involving Ms Heard,” Ms Wright and Ms Pennington have been”a closely plotted hoax”.

This story first appeared on sunlight and was republished here with permission.

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