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Is Amazon splitting after Jeff Bezos divorce makes Apple stronger in the marketplace

Amazon vs apple

Amazon splitting makes Apple stronger in the marketplace

The uproaring divorce news of the world richest man is believed to have a great toll on Amazon as his 16% share in the company may be reduced to half if the divorce goes as planned. As Amazon is popularly attributed to Jeff Bezos, there is an increasing belief that the split of the Bezos’ can cause the company to lose some of its investment, as well as some of its customers.


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Amazon which provides a job for over 600, 000 individuals all over the world may have an issue in terms of their success in the business world today.

Jeff Bezos divorce

In the business world, there is always a need for a fall of a credible business owner to cause the skyrocketing of some other potential businesses in the market. The splitting of the Bezos’ could cause a fall in the worth of Amazon as a company, thereby causing an increase in the worth of the most popular competitive Apple incorporation. The divorce of these awesome individuals can be a really big turnout for some companies that are in a very good state at this particular period.

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Amazon vs apple

With the high possibility that the wealth of Jeff Bezos could be supported between him and his wife, making her the world richest woman with a worth of $70 billion, the Apple business is believed to be the top ranking business in the marketplace to take up the maze and lead the business world in all ways. This breakup is believed to have a great effect on Amazon as a company reducing their ability to function well as they may lose some of their investments, as a service provider as customers may have to take a look at other competitive businesses in the marketplace and lots more.


Therefore, the future of Amazon is in the hands of Jeff, as he is believed to have a higher goal even ahead of his breakup.

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