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Amazon stops shipping its Echo Wall Clock following connectivity issues

A recent report says that Amazon has stopped shipping its first Echo Wall Clocks following the connectivity issues. Many new channels and digital newspapers have confirmed the reports regarding Amazon discontinuing the product on its website.

Though the clock listing is live on Amazon, the product is currently unavailable on the website, as per reports.

An Amazon spokesperson in one of its statement said: “We’re aware that a small number of customers have had issues with connectivity. We’re working hard to address this and plan to make Echo Wall Clock available again in the coming weeks.”

At present, there have been no reports whether Echo Wall Clocks will be back in stock or how much time Amazon will take to fix the issue and start shipping the product again. But there are some rumors that the product would be made available after a few weeks.

Amazon has also not made clear that whether it will refund the money to the customers who are experiencing the apparent connectivity issues.

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Echo Wall Clocks from Amazon uses four AA batteries and requires both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in order to set up the device. The reviews column on the Amazon reads that the users are having connectivity issues as the device keeps losing its Wi-Fi connection.

Amazon designed Echo Wall Clock for the people who already had a standard Echo device in their house. The wall clock was earlier available on the website for only $29.99, and it didn’t have a microphone or speaker built in.

People who have an Echo device at their house can connect the device with Echo Wall Clock to display timers, with LED indicators for seeing how much time was left without having to ask Alexa.

Amazon is currently working on its device, and we will hope that it figures out a quick fix and gets the Clock back on the market.



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