Amazon might launch two new Kindle Paperwhite with larger displays soon

GoodEReader reported that a new generation of Kindle devices has been leaked on Amazon Canada page via a comparison chart which was later on deleted. The chart showed two new devices: a CA$149.99 (around $117) Kindle Paperwhite, and a CA$209.99 (around $164) Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition. Both the devices come with a larger 6.8 inches E ink display compared to the current 6 inches Paperwhite. The more expensive model comes with wireless charging capability alongside more storage and lights that adjust based on the brightness of the environment.

The basic Kindle Paperwhite comes with an 8 GB storage, while the Signature Edition comes with a 32 GB storage. It is to be noted that the storage options are the same as that of the current Paperwhite. As far as brightness is concerned, the 300ppi resolution is also unchanged.

Amazon might launch two new Kindle Paperwhite with larger displays soon
Amazon might launch two new Kindle Paperwhite with larger displays soon

However, the number of LEDs for the device’s front-light has been increased from 5 to 17, and the color temperature is also adjustable. Screens on both devices will be flush with the bezel. The device has an IPX8 waterproof rating, which is the same as the current Paperwhite. It will come with Wi-Fi connectivity.

The new Kindle Paperwhites have inherited some features from the Oasis but most of the features are exclusive such as its ergonomic design, auto rotating page orientation, and physical page turn buttons. The chart didn’t specify anything regarding the USB connector type of the new Kindles so there remains a question whether Amazon will upgrade it to USB Type C or stick with Micro USB.

Interestingly, these devices were spotted following the arrival of a new Kindle interface last week. The new interface adds a navigation bar that makes it easier to jump between the device’s Home screen, library, and in-progress book.

Most probably, this new interface will come preloaded on the new Kindles. As of now, it is not clear when Amazon will officially introduce these new e-readers. A September hardware event is nearing so Amazon might make some announcements there.

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