Amazon is going to build the Digital Infrastructure for the Gaming Industry

Amazon on the Gaming Industry

Over time most of the speculation and discussions around Amazon related to gaming sticks to the game project – Scattershot. On the other hand, there is also another speculation that comes to life when it comes to Amazon and Gaming. And this is the highly speculated and most still in rumor, the gaming platform based on the cloud. By the looks of it, Amazon involves itself to curate a backend architect for the popular and critically acclaimed games.

The gaming companies such as Zynga and Square Enix utilize Amazon Game Tech. The Games Tech is a newly curated portfolio which helps the studios for launching the dedicated servers. The gaming companies can also access the developer tools of the tech giant, Amazon-specific. And at the same time, the companies can utilize significant other features such as maintaining and launching the games.

Brian Taptich said that people around the world take grant as to how Fortnite works around the globe. By the looks of it, this is quite an extraordinary feat. Taptich serves Amazon Games Tech’s Vice President. The VP president joined Amazon around eighteen months ago. Amazon’s Taptich said Variety that people aren’t booting up Fortnite every time they play the game.

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Jeff Bezos’s Divorce isn’t affecting the productivity of Amazon

The developer of Fortnite, Epic Games utilizes AWS to scale and meet the demands of hosting 125 million players, globally. The AWS provides the flexibility to Epic Games which helps the studio for scaling up as well as down efficiently. On the other hand, Epic Games also takes advantage of the computing power of AWS. With addition to this, Epic Games depends on content delivery as well as database storage of AWS.


Given that Jeff Bezos’ marriage is in a topsy-turvy scenario, his professional life is not getting affected with personal life. By the looks of it, the Jeff Bezos is going to tackle his marriage problem like a true visionary.

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