Amazon and Microsoft are securing their hold on Enterprise Tech

Amazon & Microsoft

Amazon & Microsoft

By the looks of it, Amazon and Microsoft are having a massive head start when it comes to the IT market. Both companies are leading the way when in the field of cloud computing and the current industry consolidation. ETR one of the widely acclaimed market research firms came forward with these statistics.

Microsoft & Amazon are known to the most to-go venders when it comes to top 30 services and products. Over eight hundred chief information officers said that Amazon and Microsoft are spending more capital on IT. ETR provided the statistics with the help of a survey. ETR told that it is gathering the information since the beginning of March.

The services, as well as the products, generally fall into IT requirement with the likes of software and infrastructure. It services and products extend to AI, data analytics, the latest innovation in digital tools and robotic process automation.

The chief executive officer and founder of ETR’s parent company, Thomas DelVecchio has come forward with a comment. According to DelVecchio, both Microsoft and Amazon are going to benefit from the head start they have in the cloud market.

Amazon & Microsoft are leading in cloud services

Microsoft & Amazon as of now is a couple of massive providers of the cloud services for the public. They are generating around $50 billion every year in the form of merge-revenue. By the looks of it, the amount is merely going to be double by the beginning of 2021.


According to DelVecchio, the cloud unit of Microsoft & Amazon, Azure and AWS are known to the fastest cloud services. Over time, Azure & AWS have been expanding and offering much more benefits to the users. The embedded benefits are the reason as to why the users choose to stay with cloud services.

Recently in Microsoft new acquisition, the software giant owns DataSense. And in the year 2018, Amazon acquired Ring, the doorbell maker.

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