How Amanda Batula Lost Weight: A Breakdown of Her Meal Plan and Fitness Routine!

amanda batula weight loss

Amanda Batula is a well-known American reality TV actress, graphic designer, art director, and fashion stylist. She made her debut on the Bravo show Summer House (Season 1). Although she only appeared briefly, her impact on the audience was significant.

To the point where she was asked to return for Season 2 of Summer House. The sixth season of Summer House is currently under production at Bravo TV, and Amanda Batula will be returning for it.

Amanda is the art director and graphic designer at Drink LoverBoy in addition to her reality show duties. The business produces luxury drinks and canned sparkling hard tea. Amanda and her long-term boyfriend/future husband Kyle Cooke founded this company together.

Kyle has guest-starred on Summer House as well. As Season 5 comes to a close, many are looking forward to the next season and expecting that it will showcase Amanda and Kyle in a different way now that they are married.

Amanda Batula’s Weight Reduction Begins at The Start of The Movie

amanda batula weight loss

Amanda was never seriously overweight, to begin with. Even though she was what most would consider fat, she was stunning. When she was cast as a main character in the second season of Summer House, however, she altered her appearance in order to feel more attractive and confident on set.

Not even Amanda remembers how much she weighed in the past. She stated in an interview that she never uses a scale since she is confident in her body and happy with its appearance regardless of its size. We do, however, know that her current weight is about 110 pounds.

To sum up, Amanda’s weight loss was a direct result of her attendance at Summer House. Moreover, we consider that to be entirely normal. One takes more care in their appearance when they know they may be shown on television. Amanda never fails to make a good impression. “I’m down to the weight I was in college,” she proudly announced. It makes me extremely happy, actually.

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The Amanda Batula Eating Plan

As a matter of fact, Amanda had no desire to drastically reduce her body weight. She merely desired to improve her appearance by getting rid of her excess weight. She, therefore, sought the services of a nutritionist in order to devise a healthy eating plan that was not overly restrictive. In the beginning, she used the IF method. She even began to include “bulletproof” coffee in her routine.

She lost a lot of weight while adhering to the FODMAP diet, but she credits intermittent fasting with most of the credit.

Yet she also admitted to eating anything she craved on a regular basis, telling her Instagram followers this in a Q&A session. Amanda followed a healthy eating plan, although she occasionally treated herself to a burger or a brownie.

Her husband disclosed a key part of her diet, which is low in sugar and processed foods. Instead, she focuses on eating lean proteins, fresh produce, and healthy grains.

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Fitness Schedule of Amanda Batula

amanda batula weight loss

This is a fascinating twist in the weight loss saga of Amanda Batula. Amanda, in contrast to a lot of famous people, has confessed that she doesn’t exercise. There are zero fitness options.

In the past, she spent a lot of time at the gym, but she no longer finds that activity is helpful. In light of this, she has been concentrating on eating healthily in order to keep her weight stable, and this has shown to be very successful.

Disease Affecting Amanda Batula

Amanda had Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) about seven years ago. SIBO is an illness that causes digestive issues. It indicates that the ratio of harmful to beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract is too high.

As a result, she decided to try the low FODMAP diet. Medications did little to combat her SIBO, but the FODMAP diet proved effective. She was able to overcome SIBO after three years of FODMAP treatment and is now living a normal, healthy life.

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