All the Best Fashion Trends of This Year

All the Best Fashion Trends of This Year

Do you want to dress stylishly all year long? Here are a few trends that are standing out in 2022, so that you have a closet full of looks that you feel confident wearing no matter the season. Check out these great fashion trends for this year: 


If you love the comfort of legging-type-pants, but you want to stay stylish and put together for going out and aboutG, a great option for you is a women’s tunic. They can come in a variety of materials and styles, but they are always ideal for a put-together look that is comfortable and attractive. 

They allow you to wear the pants that you want and can cover you up when you’re feeling a little bloated. For those days when you want to look stylish but also comfortable, tunics can be a great idea. 


Yeah, we didn’t know what it meant either, but now we’ve dived into the look, we can see why it’s so popular. Regencycore is reminiscent of the 1700s-1800s, and while the looks that you’ll find on the runway are much more modern than what you’d see in shows like Bridgerton and other period dramas, they definitely remind us of the over-the-top looks of that day. 

Floral with puffy sleeves and pearls and bows, don’t be afraid to let your inner girly girl out. It’s all the rage these days. Look up this style in your favorite fashion magazine or look to your favorite influencers who are inspired by cottagecore and fashion of the distant past. 

Faux leather pants

Because we care about the environment and animals, more and more, the world of fashion is bringing faux leather into the spotlight. Leather pants have been in style for many years, but even more so for the 2022 season. Meeting a new love interest for a dinner out? Pull out those leather pants. Are you looking for clothes for a night out with the gals? Pull out (fake) leather pants! 

Peacoats Are a Great Idea 

You have got to keep warm in 2022, so why not shop around for the perfect peacoat in the color you love the most? Peacoats used to be trendy in the early 2000s, then took a little break from the eyes of fashion, but now they’re back in full glory for a season full of cold weather. 

Just ask your image consultant about peacoats trending in 2022, and you’ll be sure to find some great options for your winter closet. Buy a peacoat that is slightly oversized so that you can aptly layer as needed underneath, especially if you tend to be out and about during the colder months. It can have you looking good even in the moments when you need to be perfectly warm. 

Parisian Style

You have probably heard of the Parisian style over the years and the truth is that the staples of this look haven’t really ever gone out of style over the years. It’s the classic-chic look that is easy to put together and pull off, even if you’re not Parisian. 

It can be at times, flirtatious yet serious, simple, and fun. It’s the style that says I’m not really trying, even if Parisians are very careful to actually try. If you like to use fashion apps, look up Parisian styles to find the best looks for you. And find structured pieces and have them tailored to your body for the perfect effortless-effort look. 

All the Best Fashion Trends of This Year

In Conclusion 

If you want to show up in style, take time to check out the latest trends of this year. There may be something perfect for your preferences, whether you lean towards Regencycore or prefer Parisian styles. From a fabulous peacoat to tunics that are comfortable yet sharp enough to wear to the office, there’s something for everyone in this season’s hottest trends.