All American Season 4 Cast: Check All the Latest Updates in 2022

all american season 4 cast

Season four of All American is nearing its end, which is fortunate given the amount of turmoil we’re now dealing with.

All American is based on the true story of professional American football player Spencer Paysinger, and it follows Spencer James, a Compton high school student who is recruited to play football for Beverly High in Beverly Hills.

The CW’s teen sports drama has been so popular that it has spawned a spin-off, All American: Homecoming.

But what exactly is going on with the main program, and when can we expect to see it on our televisions again? Everything you need to know about the future episodes is right here.

When Will the Fourth Season of All American Premiere?

All American has already premiered in the United States and is slowly approaching its April 18 conclusion, which follows a dramatic prom night.

The program went on pause in the middle of the season before returning in February, and it will now run through the conclusion of the season.

Unfortunately, the UK has yet to get an official release date as of April 2022. However, we’ll keep you informed as soon as we learn more.

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Season 4 of All American:

all american season 4 cast

Two worlds clash in the sitcom All American when a top high school football player from South Central is recruited to play for Beverly Hills High School.

April Blair is the creator of the show All American. Daniel Ezra, Michael Evans Behling, and Samantha Logan feature in the film.

In February 2021, the Show All American Was Renewed for The Fourth Season. the Cw Has Renewed It.

As a result, The CW has confirmed that the fourth season of the show All American will premiere soon. The plot from the third season of the television show All American will be continued in the fourth season.

Pilot, 99 Problems, I Lose Yourself, All We Got, The Choice Is Yours, California Love, Homecoming, Keep Ya Head Up, m.A.A.d. city, All Eyez on Me, Back in the Day, Legacy, Regulate, Best Kept Secret, and Championships are among the 16 episodes of the first season of the show All American.

Hussle and Motivate, Never No More, They Reminisce Over You, Bring the Pain, Hard Knock Life, Coming Home, Life Goes On, One of Them Nights, Protect Ya Neck, Tha Crossroads, Only Time Will Tell, The Art of Peer Pressure, Who Shot Ya, Stakes is High, and Decisions are among the 16 episodes in the second season of the show All American.

Season 4 Cast of ‘all American’

Daniel Ezra starred as Spencer James, a football player who relocated from Beverly Hills High School to the less affluent South Crenshaw High School for his senior year, as fans of the famous sports drama will know.

Despite a little production delay owing to COVID-19, the program launched its fourth season at the end of last month.

The Character of Bre-Z Didn’t Die


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As fans of Ezra may know, All American, which premiered on Netflix this summer with its first three seasons, isn’t his first acting gig. In fact, SK POP revealed that he has been in a number of other episodes, including Undercover, The Missing, Prey, Vera, A Discovery of Witches, and No Offense.

Tamia “Coop” Cooper, played by Bre-Z, was shot in the penultimate episode of season three, leaving viewers with a devastating cliffhanger. Thankfully, the character did not die and is still alive and well in season four.

Samantha Logan Is a Young Woman Who Has A

all american season 4 cast

Samantha Logan, who plays Olivia Baker, Spencer James’ love interest, is another female star of All American.

Logan starred in a variety of successful series and films before obtaining the coveted job as the show’s lead actress, including The Fosters, The Empty Man, 13 Reasons Why, Polaroid, Cruel Intentions, Gossip Girl, Teen Wolf, and Melissa & Joey.

“Their connection has been incredibly strong from the first season,” Logan told Elite Daily of Olivia and Spencer’s relationship.

Baker, Jordan

Jordan Baker’s involvement in The CW series was his first significant part, despite the fact that the majority of the All American ensemble had been in a variety of television shows and/or films.

Despite brief appearances on Empire and Grey’s Anatomy, Baker’s greatest claim to fame prior to All American was his commercial success.

Baker chose a career in entertainment after growing up in Columbus, Ohio, where he participated in a variety of sports. He has been in commercials for Nike, White Castle, and Finish Line.

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Christian Cody

all american season 4 castCody Christian was cast in the role of Asher Adams on All American. However, this was far from his first acting role. Christian appeared on Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Austin & Ally, and Supah Ninjas before joining the cast of the blockbuster series.

Christian, like Baker, made a brief appearance on Grey’s Anatomy.

Taye Diggs, Greta Onieogou, Geffri Maya, Hunter Clowdus, Chelsea Tavares, Karimah Westbrook, and Monet Mazur are among the cast members of All American.

Don’t miss new episodes of season four, which air on The CW every Tuesday, for more of the All-American cast.