All About an Internship for Data Science

All About an Internship for Data Science

If you want to become a data science professional, you need to look for an internship where you can get practical knowledge to enhance your skills as a data scientist. In this article, we will learn the advantages of doing an internship and the required skills for doing an internship.

Advantages of a Data Science Internship

  • Any internship will offer several benefits such as getting practical work experience, improving technical skills, and building a good resume to get better job opportunities in the future.
  • An internship is for a short period, but it gives practical experience to the candidates and helps professionals to build new connections with industry experts.
  • Some people get a direct job opportunity after completing an internship.

Skills Required for Getting an Internship in Data Science

The skills required for getting an internship in data science may vary. A graduate intern will have to perform more duties than an undergraduate intern. Some important skills required for getting an internship in data science include the following:

Technical skills

A Data Scientist must possess excellent technical skills that can help to collect, visualize, and analyze the data while making models so that they can easily decide.

  • A data scientist must have a firm understanding of different computer programming languages such as SQL, Python, and R.
  • They must know to visualize data by using important data science tools such as Power BI and Tableau.
  • They should have a deep knowledge of using machine learning for collecting data and developing models.
  • They must have strong information on software such as Hadoop that is used for processing larger data.
  • People must be enrolled in a degree program in a college-related to computer science, math, or any other related field. They can also have a data science certification to find an internship.

Soft Skills

Data scientists have to work with a team where they will work with experienced and non-experienced people. They must know to collect the best data and make the best decision. Therefore, they must have some personal skills to compile the data properly. They must possess the following personal skills:

  • They must be able to work in a team.
  • They must possess excellent communication skills so that they can effectively communicate with the team members and clients
  • They must have problem-solving skills to work as a data scientist

Tips for Finding a Data Science Internship

You can search for a data science internship on a job posting website. You can also look for an internship on a dedicated business job page. Some websites where people can find internships include Indeed, LinkedIn, Handshake, etc. The opportunities for the internship programs are numerous, you just need to search in the right place.

How to Apply for an Internship in Data Science?

You have to use your best knowledge and information when applying for an internship in data science. You can use the following tips when applying for a data science internship:

  • There may be tough competition in the market, therefore it is better to apply for an internship in advance. You must submit your application before the deadline to make a good impression. Also, ensure that you put in all your efforts and that your application includes everything required to get an internship.
  • Many people may apply for the same internship which reduces the chance of getting an internship. Therefore, you must apply for several internships rather than applying for just a single internship. This will open up more opportunities for you.
  • You must make your resume attractive. You must include and highlight your skills in the resume. Also, highlight your past experiences if any.
  • You can look for an internship from your contacts with professional people working in the same field. They can help you to find a suitable internship and support your application.
  • If you get a recommendation letter from your teacher or any other professional person, it will be a good start. You must get a recommendation letter from a known person in advance when applying for a data science internship. This will increase the chances of getting an internship.
  • Prepare a cover letter to attach with your resume when applying for an internship. They will ensure that you are a professional data scientist and ensure to go through the resume and cover letter before submitting it. Avoid making grammatical and spelling errors in your resume and cover letter.

How to Showcase Your Skills During Internship?

A data scientist can showcase his/her skills in the following ways. Showcasing the skills will also help them to find a quick internship.

  • You must work on projects as and when you get a chance. It is not only interesting to work on live projects but it also helps you to gain experience and you can also download the data sets for free. You can download data sets from Google Cloud public datasets, Kaggle, etc.
  • Professionals with data science knowledge must make a Github Profile. Most companies check the GitHub profile of the candidates before hiring them. Thus, it increases your chance of getting hired for an internship.
  • Show your writing skills by writing blogs on topics related to data science and posting them on relevant websites. You can get feedback from other people and this will also help you share your knowledge with other people.
  • Make a strong profile on LinkedIn. It will help to make your professional network strong. You will be able to get more connections. Most recruiters also look for interns on LinkedIn. Thus, your LinkedIn profile must be solid to attract the attention of recruiters.


Data science is increasing rapidly and several opportunities are available for skilled people in this field. Therefore, if you want to build a strong career in this field, you must possess relevant skills and you should look for an internship to get practical experience. An internship will give you a chance to work with experienced professionals and help you to get industry experience.