Alicia Keys Debuts”New Side” in 2020 Billboard Music Awards Show

Alicia Keys Debuts "New Side" at 2020 Billboard Music Awards Show

Satisfy with the brand new Alicia Keys. There might not be a classic red carpet this season, but Keys produced the most of this 2020 Billboard Music Awards by showing a”new side” of himself.

Prior to taking the platform to do, Keys showed her off glitzy bodysuit and fresh championships on Instagram. She wrote,”New facet of Alicia to present you . Nice to meet you” Hellooo queen! 

The 15-time Grammy winner moved to wow audiences by playing with her new song,”Love Appears Much Better,” on Wednesday, Oct. 14, once she lost her seventh record, Alicia, 1 month before. 

Keys done from the white ensemble, which hastens from the reddish tint of the point. Two copy dancers wore masks , and Keys moved into a glowing reddish piano to sing and play,”You are all that I ever needed.”

She finished the avid concert by bending her DJ skills and ended at a power present.

Exactly why the ferocious brand new appearance? Keys clarified,”The functionality for Billboard keeps speaking about where we are growing to. Who you’re previously, that you reside, where you are moving.” She lasted on Instagram,”That is what I am expressing at the moment and I really like it. … I am this edition of Alicia today.”

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