Alexa Pena Vega Admits Her ‘favorite’ Proposal Idea Is Something Husband Carlos Pena Vega Wasn’t Able to Pull Off: He ‘chickened Out’

Alexa Pena Vega Admits Her ‘favorite’ Proposal Idea Is Something Husband Carlos Pena Vega Wasn’t Able to Pull Off: He ‘chickened Out’

It’s like a dream come true… almost! Alexa PenaVega was about to receive her “favorite” proposal from her husband Carlos PenaVega when he suddenly changed his mind.

Alexa, 34, told Us Weekly exclusively that her husband’s idea for their next Hallmark movie, A Paris Proposal, was the way he intended to propose to her but ultimately didn’t. Absolutely brilliant, in my opinion. He had been in negotiations to perform in a water show on a cruise ship but had backtracked at the last minute. During the act, the floor would rise and the acrobats would be hauled out of the water. He planned to pop up while I was watching and pop the question.

The Big Time Rush musician, 33, proposed to the Spy Kids actor when they were having dinner with their pals in another country, despite the fact that the idea, which the star had described as “crazy,” “insane,” “very fantastic,” and “romantic,” never came to fruition.

After nearly ten years of marriage, the couple now has three children together: Ocean, 5, Kingston, 3, and Rio, 21 months. In addition to the aforementioned films, they have also appeared in Enchanted Christmas, Love at Sea, and Love in the Limelight, all of which air on the Hallmark Channel.

Alexa Pena Vega Admits Her ‘favorite’ Proposal Idea Is Something Husband Carlos Pena Vega Wasn’t Able to Pull Off: He ‘chickened Out’

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Alexa says that Hallmark has been “wonderful” to her and her family throughout the years and that one of the perks is being able to work with her boyfriend.

‘They’ve allowed us such tremendous creative freedom to be able to bring out stuff that we really love and that we’re proud of,’ she gushed to Us. Not many married couples work in the entertainment industry, and that was especially true when we first started out with Hallmark. It was their intention to provide us with such a chance. And now it’s everywhere in Hollywood, but where was it six years ago? The answer is no; there was no such thing. Not many husband-and-wife pairs were featured in films.”

The Floridian went on to say that, in light of recent events, Hallmark’s commitment to “family values” and “the significance of keeping family together” rings especially true.

It’s human nature to want to keep those closest to you near, she explained. And I anticipate that this will become the norm in the foreseeable future, for all sorts of initiatives.”

The former Nashville star told Us that she and her husband are currently in a “season” where they are “more in love than ever,” therefore they have no intentions to stop working together any time soon.

We don’t mean to sound corny or awkward or anything by saying that. It’s just that we rely on each other so heavily. Is he capable of handling things on his own? Is it possible that I could handle it on my own? She admitted, “Yeah, but I need his affection.” For the sector, we’re in and the world we live in, I need his help more than ever. It’s important to put yourself in situations with positive influences. Furthermore, we do this for one another.”

The star of Spare Parts noted that finding “your teammate” in life is crucial.

A sensation of being so empowered that “nothing can stop me” cannot be compared to anything else. When she said, “I really do feel unstoppable,” she meant it to be a statement of confidence.

Even though Alexa and her boyfriend in the boy band Sleeping With Other People are an irresistible force, the actress is not hesitant to take on new challenges by working on her own projects. A Paris Proposal required her to go across the Atlantic to Paris and Bulgaria, an experience she describes as “challenging,” but necessary, for the film.

I had to abandon my family in order to complete this film. In addition, I never do it. We normally adhere to a two-week rule, but as this production took place abroad… She argued that it was rational to allow the family to remain behind because of the situation. Because of that, I was able to seize a great opportunity.

Alexa enjoyed her time on set without her children so much that she started going out to dinner with them to “work over their lines for the next day.” The Tomorrow People star says that the extra time spent together helped take the movie to a new level.

They discussed “what we could do to it to kind of make it a little bit more special or maybe a little more distinctive than Hallmark used to see,” she said. Moreover, I believe it was its greatest strength. In other words, we were free to focus on our schoolwork.”

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