Alarming: Kentucky State Police Training Materials Instructs Officers For A’Ruthless Killer’ | National News

Training materials Including Kentucky State Police cadets when Contained Estimates attributed to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

A slide show taught the potential troopers to become warriors that”constantly struggle to the death” and also to be a”ninja killer.”

This advice came to light via two student journalists in DuPont Manual High School in Louisville and looked on the internet at the college’s paper, The Manual RedEye, on Friday (October 30).

Information on the coaching slides attracted condemnation.

“My whole response about the KSP training slips: That is disgusting. I hope this powerpoint doesn’t reflect the present instruction for KSP or some other law enforcement officer thing. The tone and tenor are white, Christian, man, warlike and adversarial,” tweeted Louisville Urban League President Sadiqa Reynolds.

This revelation regarding the way officers have been trained may add fuel to the flame surrounding the killing of Breonna Taylor, a Dark medical employee, in her residence by Louisville Metro Police Department officers through a botched raid on her flat.

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One slip, titled”Violence of Action” leads troopers to possess”a mindset emptiness of emotion” and also to”meet violence with increased violence.”

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Kentucky State Police spokesperson Lieutenant Joshua Lawson emailed this announcement into the student paper:”The quotations are utilized due to their content and value to the subject addressed in the demonstration. The presentation touches on many facets of support, selflessness, and ethical advice. Each these subjects visit the essentials of law enforcement including treating everybody alike, support to the general public, and being directed by the law”

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear condemned the coaching material.

“That is totally unacceptable. It’s further unacceptable I only heard about this through interpersonal networking. We’ll collect all of the details and take prompt corrective actions,” Beshear said in an announcement on Friday (October 30).

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