Al Sadd not planning to extend Xavi Contract!

Xavi Contract
Xavi Contract

News from Qatar as Al Sadd might not plan to renew Contract with their manager Xavi, with possible news of Barcelona return lingers.  Xavi to replace Koeman at barcelona if they didn’t win the La Liga this season.

Xavier Hernandez “Xavi” joined the Qatari club, Al Sadd, as a player; after retiring from top-flight European football club Barcelona.

Xavi spent his entire career at Barcelona, graduating from La Masia and completing 1st class football in 2015. He joined Al Sadd as a player in 2015, and later extended his role as Head Coach of the team.

Xavi at Al Sadd this season!

Al Sadd won the Qatari League after they finished the season unbeaten. They have collected 60 points from 22 games, winning 19 of them. Al Sadd has won the Qatari Cup as well this season.

Although Al Sadd failed to qualify for AFC Champions League, they remain serious about keeping Xavi on board until 2023.

Xavi’s Possible return to Barcelona

Barcelona President Joan Laporta has considered recreating the forgotten trust in La Masia. And he wants his former players to lead the charge of setting up a team mirroring Barcelona of around 2009.

Xavi contract
Xavi says coaching Barca remains his ‘primary goal

Xavi set to continue at Al Sadd with a clause to terminate contract; if he receives an offer from Barcelona to replace Ronald Koeman.

Currently, Xavi has kept his focus on ‘Project 2022’, which will help Qatar to prepare itself for the FIFA World Cup 2022.