Al Roker has prostate cancer operation

Al Roker has been”relieved” to return home after undergoing prostate cancer operation.

Al Roker

The’Now’ co-host – that has Courtney, respectively 33, by his first marriage to Alice Bell and Leila, respectively 21, also 18-year-old Nicholas with spouse Deborah Roberts – declared on the series last week he will be getting his prostate removed after being diagnosed with the disorder, and he has currently had a surgery and is recovering at home.

He composed on his Twitter and Instagram reports:”Relieved to allow you know that my #prostatecancer operation is done and back home”

The 66-year old celebrity thanked his friends and supporters for their support throughout the previous week.

He added:”A huge shoutout to everyone in the and enjoy all of the ideas and fantasies from our audiences as well as the superb care packages in my co-workers. See you soon.”

Deborah confessed she’s”in awe” together with how Al has successfully approached handling the illness.

She wrote on her Instagram accounts:”Let the healing start. I’m so in awe of the man and his indomitable soul. So blessed and thankful for avalanche of love, support and prayers to get @alroker #gratitude. (sic)”

Breaking NEWS  Al Roker Shows Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Al clarified on’Now’ last week that he wished to go public with his analysis to increase awareness of prostate cancer, which affects approximately one in nine guys, and explained that he had an”competitive” type of this illness.

He explained:”it is a fantastic news–terrible news sort of thing. Very good news is that we caught it early. Not wonderful news is the fact that it’s somewhat competitive, so I will take time off to look after this.”

The cancer had been discovered during a routine evaluation when Al’s physician discovered he had a”elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA)” within his bloodwork outcomes and thus the weather was sent to get an MRI and biopsy, which affirmed in the end of September he has cancer.

Al remembered of his physician breaking the news”After he began, he shut his door and said,’I would prefer to have these talks face to confront’

“And I was like, ‘Uh oh. Well, that does not seem great.’ … You hear the term cancer and your brain goes — it is another level, you understand?”

Breaking NEWS  Al Roker Shows Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
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