Akshay kumar play the role of Ajit Doval in Neeraj pandey’s next movie

Akshay kumar play the role of Ajit Doval

By the looks of it, Akshay Kumar wants to transcend his filmography by playing the lead character in several patriotic films. The recent revelation states that Akshay Kumar is going to portray the role of Ajit Doval in an upcoming flick. The sources suggest that the up Neeraj Pandey would helm the role of director of the film.

Ajit Doval is a prominent name in India as he was the National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, Modi. The director-actor duo is going to be back for another thriller movie. On the other hand, the sources also suggest that the movie will have the same action sequence as Baby.

Akshay and Neeraj share the same vision of filmmaking

The actor and the director did collaborate on various movies such as Baby, Special 26, Rustom. In addition to this Neeraj Pandey and Akshay Kumar also did collaborate to work on Toilet: Ek Prem Katha. Moreover, Neeraj was the co-producer of Toilet and Rustom.

According to a credible source, the film is going to revolve around the highlighting career of the Ajit Doval. Additionally, Doval came into prominence after he became the Indian Prime Minister’s National Security Advisor. The source also said that the writers are presently working on a script, and also the research is underway.

The forthcoming undisclosed movie is in the development stage

Releasing the forthcoming movie is going to take a lot of time as both Akshay and Neeraj are busy with other projects. Neeraj is due to curate a new movie with Ajay Devgan, namely, Chanakya. The announcement of Chanakya took place a few months ago. On top of that, Akshay also has some prior commitments that he needs to attend.

The source also said that the film would be announced once the script of the forthcoming film based on the life of Ajit Doval is ready. So far, this is the second time that a filmmaker is on the verge of curating a movie on Ajit Doval, NSA.

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