AJ McLean Tried Cocaine that the very first time on Collection of’The Telephone’

AJ McLean Tried Cocaine the First Time on Set of 'The Call'

At a People magazine exclusive, Backstreet Boy AJ McLean, who’s in healing, has opened about the very first time that he attempted cocaine — also it was at night of iconic audio video shoot.

McLean, 42, spoke with Individuals during his”Dance with the Stars” conduct, stating,”I never actually had a need for those medication, but being a addict — for me, that phrase encompasses all.”

This made him especially vulnerable when”a buddy” encouraged him to try out cocaine at the night BSB were put to film the music video for”The Call,” that was published in ancient 2001.

“This was the very first time I tried [cocaine] since it turned out to be a late-night take,” McLean recalled. “I had been using a’buddy’ in the time — who is obviously not a friend — and also [they] provided it for me. I said, ‘No.’ I then caved and that I did it”

McLean proceeded to state he did not maintain his sanity a key on place, however his bandmates and the others near him did not realize that he had been slipping into drug dependence straight away.

“I’d go to bed once the sun was growing and I’d wake up whenever the sun was down,” he clarified. “Just like they say, the definition of insanity, repeating the very same mistakes repeatedly expecting different results”

Back in July 2001, McLean’s fellow BSBers staged an intervention, even together with Kevin Richardson telling him that when he lasted ,”that I won’t ever trust you . You are dead .”

Even afterward, McLean’s route to sobriety was intermittent — and required 20 years.

Ten months before, McLean returned by a cluttered visit to Las Vegas ton of alcohol. His spouse Rochelle had mandated that smelling like booze intended no face time with their children, Ava, 6, also Lyric, 3.

McLean remembered,”What struck me was that the second my youngest kid Lyric explained to me this night,’You do not smell like my dad.’ When she explained that for mepersonally, that wasn’t it. Enough said. I felt disgusting”

Through the ordeal, McLean was checking in with his host six times every day and attending 12-measure meetings, also wants people to understand there’s hope for people coping with addiction.

“As tough as it is to express, I have zero doubts and am beyond blessed to be here. I can actually say I enjoy myself now.”

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