Aimee Lou Wood Dating: Check All the Latest Updates in 2022

aimee lou wood dating

In 2021, Aimee Lou Wood received a TV BAFTA for her portrayal of Aimee Gibbs in Sex Education. Now, she’ll be back at the award show to present an award, with Olivia Colman and Michelle Keegan.

While we know a lot about her on-screen abilities, how much do we know about her personal life?

Wood doesn’t appear to be dating anyone right now in public. In truth, she’s preoccupied with her own connection with herself. “It’s difficult for me to keep my sense of self when I’m in a relationship.” I’m self-reliant, yet I’m also easily influenced.

“I may easily be pulled away from myself,” she told Grazia. “I begin to violate myself and compromise my integrity in order to make someone else happy.” That’s why it’s critical for me to get some alone time.”

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The Actress Also Discussed Her Breakup with Connor Swindells, Her Sex Education Co-Star.

aimee lou wood dating

Adam Groff is played. She insisted that they “love and respect” one other and that their parting in 2020 was “not dramatic.” Surprisingly, the couple’s two-year relationship mirrored their on-screen passion. “We’d had some time away due to work,” she told Grazia of the separation, “and then we discovered that maybe the relationship wasn’t benefiting us both.”

Aimee Lou Wood and Connor Swindells Met Through a Mutual Friend.

The teenage actors met while filming the first season of Sex Education in 2018, in which they portrayed Aimee and Adam, a couple on-screen.

In fact, the couple had intercourse in Adam’s bedroom in the very first scene of season one.

While they didn’t declare their relationship until after the new programme had been on the air for a few months, their frequent (now-deleted) social media messages about one other were a strong hint they were more than buddies.

What Did Aimee and Connor Have to Say About Their Love?


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In a lovely Instagram post ahead of his birthday in 2019, Connor showed how close they had gotten when he disclosed his nickname for the actress, dubbing her “the cherub.”

Connor told the Telegraph that their sex scenes are planned by an intimacy director to ensure that any discomfort is minimised and that he and Aimee, as well as the rest of the cast, were prepared for the sequences.

“That way, it’s as if you’re not stealing anything from your own life,” he said.

“When you do that, you come home at the end of the day dejected and defenceless, because you’ve just exposed yourself in the most intimate, vulnerable manner.”

Aimee agreed that the dance set her worries at ease, adding it’s “very enjoyable, honestly” after it’s been rehearsed fully dressed.

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When Did Aimee and Connor Go Public with Their Relationship?

aimee lou wood dating

After filming Sex Education, Aimee and Connor made it clear they were dating, with the actress sharing a poignant Instagram message on her beau’s birthday in September 2018.

The couple had certainly had an exciting few months together, as seen by a series of images that accompanied her birthday wishes.

Connor acknowledged his relationship with his co-star in a February 2019 interview with The Telegraph, weeks after the second series premiered.

He also stated that their on-screen chemistry should not be confused with their off-screen relationship.

“There is no mistake between our sex scenes on the programme and our actual lives,” the actor stated.