Aftermath Ending Explained – What Became of Otto?

Aftermath Ending Explained - What Became of Otto?
Aftermath Ending Explained - What Became of Otto?

Directed by Peter Winther, Aftermath is a horror drama movie distributed by Netflix. It stars Ashley Greene and Shawn Ashmore in the lead role while Sharif Atkins, Jason Liles, Brit Baron, Jamie Kaler, and Travis Coles are in the supporting cast.

Aftermath contains the elements of horror and presents a story where a couple tries to revitalize their relationship which is falling apart. In the attempt, they purchase a new house to create a fresh environment. However, the house has some haunting reputation and the couple gets engulfed into the web of mystery that the haunted house procures.

The movie cracks as a psychological horror but doesn’t give any conclusive closure. Let’s talk and discuss the Aftermath ending explained and unveil its final moments.

Aftermath Ending Explained

Aftermath Plot

The starting sequence of the movie depicts a wife getting shot by her husband who later shoots himself. Fast forward to the next day, Kevin decides to purchase the house where the murder took place to revive his relationship with his wife.

Kevin’s wife Natalie had an affair with his brother in the past. To reinstate their relationship, their psychologist suggested changing the environment, hence the new house. The couple hoped for a better chance but the haunted house had a better platter for them.

The Mystery Around Haunted House

We learn from one of the neighbors that a couple used to live in the house before they arrived. Apparently, the husband had cheated on his wife. She found about it and to take revenge, she instead started cheating on her husband with this mysterious man.

The neighbor Claudia believed that Jay couldn’t murder anyone and it was something else that was going in the house. However, the police simply dismissed it as a case of cheating and accused Jay of killing his wife because of cheating.

The Mysterious Man

Natalia started to feel a presence of a mysterious man in the house. To find some evidence, she installed CCTV cameras around the house. However, they didn’t show anything significant. But in one clip, she found a man crawling under her bed.

Otto who was the mysterious man bound Natalia to chains in the storeroom. Apparently, he wanted to create a rift between the couple for some reason. Also, the room where he chained Natalie had all mechanical triggers and a CCTV system installed within.

Aftermath Ending Explained – What Became of Otto?

Aftermath Ending Explained – What Became of Otto?

Natalie finally understood that Otto was actually the person that Erin was having an affair with. She had brought him into the house and hence Otto had infiltrated this place. However, Erin ended up falling on the side of Jay and hence Otto killed them both out of rage.

When the couple reported cases of paranormal activities, the police suspected that it must be their neighbors trying to scare the new couple to acquire the house. However, the big picture was something else. Otto actually wanted to take Natalie for himself, hence he tried to create a dispute between the two.

In the end, Natalie was able to kill Otto and the latter didn’t succeed in his plan. There was also some speculation of Natalie’s sister getting sexually abused by Otto but the movie didn’t delve much into that aspect. After the series of horrific events, the couple left the house and began a new chapter of their life.

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