Afterlife of the Party – Did Cassie Go To Heaven?

Afterlife of the Party - Did Cassie Go To Heaven?
Afterlife of the Party - Did Cassie Go To Heaven?

Directed by Stephan Herek, Afterlife of the Party is a romantic comedy distributed by Netflix. It stars Victoria Justice in the lead role, while Midori Francis, Robyn Scott, Gloria Garcia, and Adam Garcia are in the supporting cast.

Afterlife of the Party portrays the story of Cassie who’s an outgoing person and likes to party all the time. The events in the movie take place after her death as she tries to make a peace with people she was on wrong terms with.

Afterlife of the Party is nothing exceptional and yet another rom-com with an ordinary plot. In any case, let’s discuss Afterlife of the Party ending explained and break down its last moments.

Afterlife of the Party - Did Cassie Go To Heaven?
Afterlife of the Party – Did Cassie Go To Heaven?

Afterlife of the Party Plot

Cassie likes to party to the point that she’s obsessed with it. Wherever she goes, she likes to make her presence feel. On the contrary, her best friend Lisa is an introvert who’s not used to the outgoing activities of her friend.

During her 25th birthday, Cassie takes Lisa to a bar and as usual parties like crazy. Lisa tries to convey to her friend that there’s more to partying in life. However, this statement doesn’t fit well with Cassie and she calls her jealous since she can’t do things like her.

The next day, Cassie visits Lisa to apologize, however, she doesn’t show any reception. An angry Cassie destroys Lisa’s jigsaw puzzle and leaves. Fast forward to her bathroom, Cassie stumbles, falls, hits her head, and dies. But wait, her spirit is still present on the Earth with some unfinished business.

Cassie’s Afterlife

Val, who’s the guardian angel of Cassie informs her that she’s stuck between heaven and hell. She still has an unfinished business left on Earth, that’s why she can’t go to either place. Cassie has to make up with people that Val provides until the time runs out, or else she will go to hell.

First Person

The first person on the list is Lisa. To Cassie’s relief, Lisa is capable of seeing her friend’s spirit so she can interact with her. She left bad terms with her and now she has to make up in some way. To do this, she tries to get along with her crush Max.

She succeeds in that task. Next, she prepares her for an interview at Dr. Redding’s. She cracks the interview and lands a great job. Like that, Cassie manages to cross the first person off the list.

Cassie’s Father

Cassie’s father went into depression after the demise of his daughter. Even though he wasn’t able to see Cassie’s spirit, he was able to feel it. To uplift her father, firstly, Cassie brought motivation to Howard’s life by proposing to continue his Yoga and meditation.

Next, she booked him a date with Emma, so that he could fulfill the gap left by her mother Sophia. Cassie was able to reconcile with her father by moving him out of his toxic life.

Sophia’s Chapter

The last person on the list was Sophia, the mother of Cassie. With the help of Lisa, Cassie learned that Sophia left her and Howard because of her selfishness and simply because she wasn’t ready to take responsibility. Cassie felt fury towards her mother, but accepted her apology. Even after reconciling with all three, there was still something left.

Afterlife of the Party - Did Cassie Go To Heaven?
Afterlife of the Party – Did Cassie Go To Heaven?

Afterlife of the Party – Did Cassie Go To Heaven?

Lisa’s name was still there on the list for some reason. Cassie figured out the reason and went to complete the jigsaw puzzle she destroyed. However, she got a bit late as the time ran out. Still, she completed the puzzle.

At her hearing, the jury offered a decision in her favor despite being not able to achieve the target in the intended time. Val too received a promotion because she and Cassie went to the elevator that leads to heaven.

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