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After the divorce, Jeff Bezos wants to live till 80 with a happy life and no regrets

Jeff bezos on artificial intelligence

After the divorce, Jeff Bezos wants to live till 80 with a happy life & no regrets

Every single human being might have come across a question in his or her lifetime. The million dollar question is how to lead a successful, long and happy life in the 21st Century? And this time the billionaire, the richest man in the world, CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos shared his view about the same.

In the year 2010, at Princeton University Jeff Bezos gave a commencement speech. He said when a person grows 80 years, and during this phase, the person goes through a moment of reflection. During this phase of life, people tend to reflect and narrate what is it that they have done in their lives. And the decisions that people make when they’re young are going to reflect in the memories when they are old.

The primary significance of the speech is What is it that people choose, the tales of choices and gifts. According to Bezos, Cleverness is a fundamental choice whereas kindness is an astute gift in human beings. These gifts are easily given to people, and the choices that the people make from these gifts are tough. Gifts are often seductive, and if a person is not careful, then they might fall prey to their greed.

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Bezos’ choices and decisions

It was Jeff Bezos’ choice to fall in love with Lauren Sanchez given that he was married to MacKenzie Bezos. And now, he and MacKenzie are proceeding with their divorce. By the looks of it, MacKenzie Bezos is going to own 4% of the total net worth that Amazon has accumulated.

Jeff Bezos has control over 75% of the stock in the company after the divorce reaches its conclusion. The separation made its way to the headlines back in January 2019. Then the experts made speculations about how they will split the massive net worth of $130 billion. But everything is settled now. MacKenzie is the third richest woman in the world with $35 billion as net worth. And Jeff Bezos retains at being the richest man in the world with $108 billion as net worth.

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