After a Surprise Trip to Miami, Darcey Silva’s Ex-Boyfriend Georgi Admits that He Has Been “Thinking About Her All the Time”!

After a Surprise Trip to Miami, Darcey Silva's Ex-Boyfriend Georgi Admits that He Has Been "Thinking About Her All the Time"!

Darcey Silva is still in disbelief that her ex-boyfriend, Georgi Rusev, was selected by Stacey’s fiancé, Florian Sukaj, to be the best man at the wedding.

Notwithstanding the backlash from his decision, Florian took Stacey out for a lunch at the beach on Monday’s episode of Darcey & Stacey.

All this fuss over Georgi’s participation in the wedding is too much stress for me at the moment, so I’m really appreciative that Florian arranged a picnic on the beach,” Stacey admitted. I thought he’d tell Darcey the news more tactfully, but he did it at the wrong location and at the wrong moment, and we haven’t spoken since we were both in Los Angeles.

Stacey revealed to Florian that she “He went on to say that he was “sad” and “the way things went down” when Darcey reacted negatively to his decision. It’s doing havoc on my social life, I’m afraid. I refuse to put myself through the never-ending drama that would result.”

The former 90 Day Fiancé star continued by saying she was considering calling off the wedding despite the fact that it was “a dream” of hers. Then, while describing the tensions with her sister, she burst into tears “Darcey is essential to me right now. The same way that you are my other half and she is hers, she is mine and yours.”

“I don’t want her to be sad and I don’t want it to hurt our relationship any more,” she said. These days it seems like we’re always at each other’s throats.

After a Surprise Trip to Miami, Darcey Silva's Ex-Boyfriend Georgi Admits that He Has Been "Thinking About Her All the Time"!

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On their wedding day, Darcey and Georgi were assured to be stress-free thanks to Florian’s assurances. He said, “It’s really difficult for me to watch Stacey upset, so I work on a plan to make Stacey happy and everybody happy.”

Then, behind Stacey’s back, he plotted for Georgi to sneak out to Miami and make up with Darcey. To accomplish this, Florian fabricated a story to Stacey that he was picking up Georgi at the airport.

His strategy was described as “risky,” but he was confident it would pay off. In other words, “I’m cornered.”

His next statement was, “My plan is to get Georgi here, and I can bring Georgi and Darcey together.” So that there is no tension at my wedding, I’d like Georgi and Darcey to put an end to their feud.

Georgi, when they were playing pool, acknowledged that he had changed since the last time they were together but that Darcey was still on his mind.

I’ve been working a lot, but I miss Darcey all the same, he said. “Constantly dwelling on thoughts of her. There’s a lot about her condition that I don’t understand. Does she inquire about me or not?”

“They were introduced by a mutual friend, and she declared, “I’m happy.” But, I get the impression that something is off about her vibe “This time, Florian has an answer.

Florian revealed his feelings of remorse for the way their relationship ended in a confessional, adding, “Things have been on my mind a lot since I returned to the nation’s capital. In general, I [feel] bad about how I handled my friendship with Darcey. I apologize for it. I erred in my actions. So, it’s as if I’ve lost a close companion or something.”

When the topic of the upcoming nuptials came up, Florian revealed that he had been worrying over selecting Georgi as the best man.

“The truth is, I really want to be here, but I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. Possibly I won’t show up, “To paraphrase what Georgi said. As I tell her, she asks, “Is she going to be sad when she finds out?”

After a Surprise Trip to Miami, Darcey Silva's Ex-Boyfriend Georgi Admits that He Has Been "Thinking About Her All the Time"!

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Florian informed him, “It’s going to make [it] a little hard time, but I’m going to convince her.”

“I really want Darcey and Georgi to be okay for my wedding and not have trouble,” he admitted. “I think we should all get together and try to figure this out. In addition to making both my wife and I happy. I’m gambling a lot, because Darcey is probably going to lose her mind. If you ask me, I have no idea [how she will respond]. I really, really, really, really, hope it doesn’t blow up in my face.”

Darcey had already traveled to Connecticut to attend her daughter Aniko’s graduation party. Darcey’s father Mike was taken aback when he found out Georgi would be the best man at the celebratory luncheon for Aniko’s accomplishment.

Darcey warned her dad that the situation would be uncomfortable. You don’t want to be the topic of conversation at someone else’s wedding, and that’s exactly what this is going to be.

Mike suggested that Stacey dismiss any possibility of Gerogi attending the ceremony by saying, “An atmosphere of tranquility, joy, and contentment is ideal for a wedding. How he managed to slip this past Stacey is a mystery to me at this point.”

Darcey resolved to confront Stacey about Georgi’s presence in the wedding when she got back to Miami. Their mom and dad were “stunned” and “worried,” she said, because her ex was going to be the best man.

“You all should understand he is my ex-fiancé and those feelings run deep, this is not what I expected,” she said in an open letter.

“Well, of course I get it. It’s a bad situation. Even though I agree that it’s absurd, I feel like I have no choice but to play peacemaker between my spouse and everyone else “As a team player, Stacey contributed.

I understand it, but it’s hard for me to conceptualize it, Darcey said. “I don’t want to make any hasty judgments, therefore I’d like to take a moment to think about the issue with Georgi being the best man. I need to zero down on our Impossible Kicks presentation for the good of the business.”

Johnny Mac, owner of Impossible Kicks, informed them they “nailed” the pitch and decided to work together despite the tension between them and their nerves before the meeting. But, they were concerned about the short time it would take to get the products into retail outlets.

Darcey was getting ready for her first date with Cicero, who she had met at a speed dating event.

Confessing, “I’m getting all dolled up for my first formal date with Cicero, the man whom my matchmaker Michelle picked for me,” she elaborated on her preparations. It’s my big moment, and I’m more prepared than ever for this date than anyone else.

Then Darcey made a very important request of Stacey. I need your help shaving my ass because I have plans tonight and I don’t know how they’re going to go but I’m hoping they go down low.

In a confessional, she went on to explain, “Sometimes, it’s hard to reach, so sometimes you need help getting it clean.”

Stacey helped her sister out before her big date because Darcey told her she wanted her butt to look “slap-worthy.”

“You need something that can be easily slapped. Fluent as silk, “Said Stacey.

Stacey revealed in a subsequent confessional that she has seen it all: “To put it another way: vajayjay or butthole. My eyes must constantly move to take in all of the details. I just can’t seem to erase it from my mind. I’m crossing my fingers that he finds it worthwhile.”

Darcey’s reply was, “We’ll find out.”

Gettin’ all dolled up, Darcy let it slip that “bond with Cicero, saying, “When we met for the first time, it was like we’d known each other forever. We hit it off. I feel like he got what I was saying. In addition to being a strong person, she is also a strong lady since he is a strong guy.”

She informed her sister, “I want a true relationship, and I want the real deal.”

When asked about prospective date options for Stacey’s wedding, she admitted, “I think Cicero has a lot of potential.” “I think we hit it off very well, so I’m looking forward to what the future may bring. There are two possible destinations: the bedroom or the wedding aisle. Really, who can say?”

Yet Stacey cautioned her to lower her expectations. “I would try to relax and enjoy myself on a first date. Be patient. Because you don’t want to put yourself in danger if warning signs exist, “that’s what she stated.

Darcey’s long-awaited date fell through when Cicero had to reschedule due to an emergency at home.

“This is an extremely painful statement. Deep down inside, I sincerely hope his reasons for not going on this date today is not an excuse,” she wrote. Despite his desire to reschedule, you may hear yourself saying, “You know, there’s a little voice in the back of my head that makes me feel like he wasn’t really into me, and makes me feel a little insecure, and like maybe it had everything to do with me.”

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