AC/DC tease fresh album’Power Up’ with devilish’Demon Fire’ preview

AC/DC have shared a brand new trailer before the launch of the newest record’Power Up’ following month.

The group’s 17th studio album finds them return frontman Brian Johnson, who briefly left the line-up at 2016 because of hearing loss, and will be their first release as the passing of co-founder Malcolm Young.

‘Power Up’ will be published around November 13 along with the mythical group have resisted its own coming with a trailer with a clip of this tune’Demon Fire’, that may show up on the list. The tune soundtracks a red-lit movie of 2 cars driving in the dark, the characters behind the wheel shown to become red-eyed demons.

Since the clip reaches the conclusion, the devil stands in the mouth of a tube as flames lighting up the faces of the street. See it under today.


AC/DC have shared just one tune in full in the album up to now from’Shot In The Dark’. Speaking to NME before that month, Angus Young explained it as”a powerful single out of a potent rock record”. “You will have the ability to listen to it and know right away that it is AC/DC. That is what we’ve always dreamed of,” he further added.

He chose to talk about the band’s return, stating:”We got together 2018 and we worked on a great deal of thoughts that Malcolm and I’d achieved over time.

“You will find AC/DC paths we had never have the opportunity to work and it was simply good that everyone needed to be part of this. We have managed to return exactly what the planet has called AC/DC because 1980 if Bon Scott passed off”

Meanwhile, the group have weighed in on if a few of the classic tunes would be approved 2020. “I really don’t know anymore, so I did not even understand what’awakened’ stands out for and that I just discovered because I return to England,” Johnson explained. “I don’t have any concept about exactly what it does or how it works”

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