A$ap Rocky Admonishes Clubgoers to ‘Act Like Gentlemen’ After They Fight in Front of Pregnant Women Rihanna

A$ap Rocky Admonishes Clubgoers to 'Act Like Gentlemen' After They Fight in Front of Pregnant Women Rihanna

Please, for the sake of A$AP Rocky and Rihanna, put an end to this fight.

While out with his Grammy-winning companion, the rapper got into a physical conflict with several clubgoers, and the resulting footage is now making the rounds online.

I’m going to say it again: “Y’all n—– act like gentlemen right now, you heard?” Rocky, 34, said into the microphone in the low light. You can quote me on that: “I got my lady in here.”

When pressed for more, he said, “Y’all n—– quiet that s— down, man. Don’t join that group performing that s—. Relax, gents, and behave yourselves in our company.

This month, the celebrity parents-to-be honored their son RZA Athelston’s first birthday by sharing a photo montage of their growing family.

The post was introduced by a photo of A$AP Rocky being kissed on the cheek by RZA, who was crawling on a blanket next to the 35-year-old superstar rapper. Several other photographs of the trio being goofy in front of the camera and in the mirror were also included in his post.

He then shared many photos and a video of him spending quality time with his kid, including a photo of him shaving while holding RZA and a clip of him dancing with his son.

At the end of his message, he included a video of Wu-Tang Clan founder Ol’ Dirty Bastard declaring, “Wu-Tang Clan is for the children.”

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In the Instagram post’s description, he expressed a similar sentiment, writing, “WU TANG IZ 4 DA CHUREN ” HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY TO MY 1st BORN. RZA❤️.”

Birth records acquired by PEOPLE earlier this month confirmed the unusual given name for the newborn child.

The name is a tribute to RZA (pronounced “Rizza”), whose given name is Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, and who is the leader of the Wu-Tang Clan and a producer and rapper.

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A$ap Rocky Admonishes Clubgoers to 'Act Like Gentlemen' After They Fight in Front of Pregnant Women Rihanna

Almost a year had passed since the birth of the “Diamonds” singer and Rocky’s first child together before Rihanna shocked the world by announcing her second pregnancy during her Super Bowl halftime concert.

When asked about her experience as a new mother, Rihanna stated it had been “legendary” in the March issue of British Vogue.

Totally crucial. It’s the oddest thing that you actually don’t recall your old life,” she added. “You try to remember it literally – and there are photos of my life before – but you don’t identify with the feelings, the desires, the things that you enjoy, or anything else because you don’t even allow yourself mentally to get that far, because… Because it doesn’t matter.”

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