A House on the Bayou Ending Explained – Did the Devil Exist?

A House on the Bayou Ending Explained
A House on the Bayou Ending Explained

Directed and written by Alex McAuley, A House on the Bayou is a horror film distributed by Epix. It stars Paul Schneider and Angela Sarafyan in the lead role while Jacob Lofland, Lia McHugh, and Doug Von Liew fill the role of the supporting cast. The movie got released recently on November 19th, 2021.

A House on the Bayou revolves around a couple who want to reconcile and make their relationship work. For that, they decide to go on a vacation to a place that changes their lives forever. This horror-themed movie provides many scary moments but still, there’s a lot left to be desired. Here is A House on the Bayou ending explained as we break down its final moments.

A House on the Bayou Ending Explained

A House on the Bayou Plot

John Chambers is a professor who is having an affair with one of his students. One day, his wife Jessica finds about this and confronts him. She even shows him evidence and John admits the guilt. However, Jessica doesn’t want this relationship to end for the sake of their daughter.

The couple decides to go on a vacation in the house on Bayou. Since she is a real estate agent, the owner of the house decides to let her use it so that they can film it. The couple arrives at the house and bizarre things start to happen.

Their reconciliation plot doesn’t go into action as both are still grumpy with each other. Their daughter, however, befriends a boy named Isaac while she goes outside with her dad. John also receives a note from a mysterious old man which states about them being watched in the house.

As the duo of father and daughter arrive in the house, Jessica starts getting mad at John for not bringing veal. Isaac barges on their door and invites Jessica to his house for the veal. Along with Isaac, his grandmother too arrives at his house which starts the chain of events.

What Was Isaac’s Real Identity?

John didn’t want to leave Vivienne since he still loved her, however, he also didn’t want to leave Jessica because of their daughter. That’s why he hired Isaac, a contract killer to kill his wife. But what he didn’t know was that Isaac was a devil, not a contract killer.

Isaac thought of himself as a judge who punishes people for their sins. He concluded that John committed the crime of cheating on his wife as well as cultivating the plan to kill her. To him, the house was a courtroom where he would serve his justice.

He revealed to Jessica John’s intention with the relationship with Vivienne. Isaac then locked John in an empty room and left Coyote with him and it ate him up. With this, the punishment for John was over. However, he didn’t stop.

Next, he brought Vivienne to the house to punish her for getting into a relationship with a married man. He forced Jessica to burn Vivienne in the car and the helpless wife couldn’t do anything else. Having lost her husband, she now had to save her life along with her daughter’s.

A House on the Bayou Ending Explained

A House on the Bayou Ending Explained – Did the Devil Exist?

Jessica shoots Isaac and tells him that if he is righteous, God would ensure his survival. Isaac told Jessica everything about how he and his grandfather brought sinners to the house to punish them. Jessica escaped the scene along with her daughter.

The next day, she approached the police to investigate the house, however, when they reached there, there was no house. The officer explained to Jessica that they knew about Isaac and how he was punishing the sinners. They let them do it because the duo was getting rid of evildoers.

In the last scene, we see Anna’s nose bleeding, possibly with the presence of Isaac, who was probably a demon. However, it’s unexplained and left to viewers discretion, we can conclude that Isaac was a demon, not just a normal human.

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