A Halloweentown Reboot? Here's What Phillip Van Dyke Has to Say

A Halloweentown Reboot? Here is what Phillip Van Dyke must Say

So, how about that Halloweentown reboot?

“You know everything, I believe I might be talked into it,” he explained. “If the remainder of the cast came back and wanted to accomplish this, I’d be up for this. I will really go on record and say I’d”

Halloweentown’s buffs have wrapped around for so long–there is no time like the present to bring another creation, right? “Only for your children and my children and the fans, I believe that could be something they’d like and adore,” he continued. “Yeah, why notright? Absolutely.”

We want something to compensate for the travesty that has been the fourth episode of their Halloweentown movies, Return to Halloweentown. Your movement, Disney.

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