A 6-Year-Old Fan Is Flown Out To A Concert In Philadelphia By The Weeknd!

A 6-Year-Old Fan Is Flown Out To A Concert In Philadelphia By The Weeknd!

A cute The Weeknd fan had the experience of a lifetime thanks to the internet, which once again proved to be magical.

The Weeknd, 32, flew Phoenix Prince, 6, and his father Blake Prince out to Philadelphia to attend and see him backstage at his concert there last week. The young admirer gave the singer, born Abel Tesfaye, a drawing and some Oreos during the meet & greet.

Phoenix was photographed looking extremely distraught by a bystander after learning that The Weeknd had to postpone his Toronto opening night due to an outage, which led to the creation of the fantasy moment.

He was captured on camera sobbing outside the stadium while donning a red suit jacket similar to the one the performer wears in the song’s music video, “Blinding Lights.”

“I ask “What’s going on?” as soon as I walk through the door at home because my phone is going crazy. And I’m getting messages in my Instagram private message section, literally hundreds at a time, saying things like “Abel is seeking for your son.” The Weeknd needs to find your son.” Blake, 36, explains to People as he recalls the tale.

A 6-Year-Old Fan Is Flown Out To A Concert In Philadelphia By The Weeknd!

Blake claims that after getting in touch with his group, The Weeknd’s manager arranged for a first-class trip and hotel accommodations for the group.

Later, they found out that because the “Out of Time” vocalist wanted to see Phoenix in person, they would need to get there early. Phoenix got to watch the singer’s soundcheck beforehand and was welcomed by his band and backup dancers.

“When we entered this space, we were greeted warmly and pleasantly by other members of his crew. The Weeknd was waiting for us after we passed through a curtain, and he had the biggest smile on his face “He remembers.

“When Phoenix grinned back, Abel got down on one knee, spread his arms wide, and gave him a bear hug while saying, “Dude, you look so good.” Thank you so much for coming and being here, he says.”

The actor is “very down to earth,” according to Blake, and they “really hit it off with him.” “He is merely a dude. He is simply a person like any other, “He says.

A 6-Year-Old Fan Is Flown Out To A Concert In Philadelphia By The Weeknd!

The father and son got to hang out with him backstage for thirty minutes before seeing the performance first from a private box and then from the side stage platform. The Weeknd reportedly waved to Phoenix while performing, according to Blake.

“He was so kind to us and so generous with his time. He expressed regret for the show “The actor signed Phoenix’s suit jacket during their time together backstage, the actor claims. It’s just great that there’s this connection via this special event, and [he was] just so thrilled to have us there and welcomed us back when Toronto comes around.

He continues, “We’re quite thrilled to be at the forefront of this amazing tale. “I won’t forget.”

The Weeknd’s performance in Toronto was supposed to kick off his After Hours til Dawn Tour on the opening night at Rogers Centre. The largest wireless provider in Canada, Rogers Wireless, experienced an outage, thus the programme had to be cancelled.

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