90 Day: Daniele and Yohan Fight Over His Butcher Shop’s Lack of Refrigeration!

90 Day: Daniele and Yohan Fight Over His Butcher Shop's Lack of Refrigeration

On 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Yohan Geronimo’s fledgling butcher shop is getting in the way of his marriage to Daniele Gates.

In the TLC show’s episode airing on Sunday, 42-year-old Daniele made her first trip to her husband’s butcher shop in the Dominican Republic.

“Yohan told me he bought a butcher shop a few months after Yohan and I wed. I’m so proud of him that I can’t wait to see his butcher shop. Anything he wants to do, “She revealed. “He stands 6’7″ and has quite large hands. He can certainly cut up some meat; why not?”

I’m happy to assist him in any way I can, she continued, “as long as I don’t have to handle any of the meat.”

90 Day: Daniele and Yohan Fight Over His Butcher Shop's Lack of Refrigeration

Yohan, 32, expressed his delight for arriving by stating, “We’ve here, my love, this is my business, our business,” but Daniele was horrified to find meat lying out on the counters and drawing flies when she first entered the butcher shop.

He immediately answered Daniele’s question about why the meat was kept outside by saying, “So that people can view the meat.” But it needs to be chilly, she retorted.

He asserted that the meat was cold and refrigerated despite the fact that it was out on the counter.

She acknowledged being “very conflicted” in a confessional, saying, “I don’t want to be like, ‘What the f— is this?’ but I’m also like, ‘What the f— is this?'”

She then added, “Look here,” pointing to a pile of flesh “It can’t be good, that. It has bugs. How can food with bugs on it be consumed?”

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90 Day: Daniele and Yohan Fight Over His Butcher Shop's Lack of Refrigeration

The couple persisted in their argument over whether the meat should have been refrigerated, but Yohan claimed that the shop’s procedures were typical in the Dominican Republic.

“Flies. The former New Yorker said, “In my country, they’re not outside unrefrigerated. Every butcher shop has flown because of the meat.”

“We’re not in your country, listen up. This is how beef is sold here, “Added he.

Yohan shared in a confessional that he was upset by the response and said, “I wasn’t anticipating her disgusted attitude. I had hoped that she would encourage me and say, “My dear, I’m proud.” I’m happy for you and your success, but no. It was entirely the contrary.”

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90 Day: Daniele and Yohan Fight Over His Butcher Shop's Lack of Refrigeration

Daniele was worried about the meat as well as how her husband was running the company.

She said, “Yohan is obviously unhappy with my response, but I’m not convinced he knows how to handle a firm. “I find it hard to imagine that everyone purchases beef in this manner, including wealthy individuals. It’s the same as if it were unrefrigerated and left outside with flies on it. That is not logical.”

She said she would assist him in setting up the business’s finances “I have software that I can use to assist you. You may put everything into a computer and see how much money you are generating and how much money you are spending to make it easier to grasp and determine whether this business makes sense. This doesn’t make sense to me, but I’m not sure how to put it in Spanish.”

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90 Day: Daniele and Yohan Fight Over His Butcher Shop's Lack of Refrigeration

Daniele admitted that she had concerns about his ability to pay for their future plans given his business goals.

He is trying to manage a business without knowing how much money is coming in and going out, which is tremendously aggravating, she said. “I urged him to start a business so that he could earn more money, but it appears that he is using all of the money from his current work to fund this new venture. How is he going to pay for an apartment, then? He needs a way to buy food. How will we carry a child?”

I’m scared for the day he says, “Yeah, by the way, I can’t pay all of this because I don’t make enough money therefore I need you to give me money because that’s not going to be an option,” she continued.

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