9 Celeb Moms Who Smoke Cannabis and Aren’t Ashamed of It

Weed can be of assistance to frazzled parents. Buds from Kush marijuana seeds relax after the daily rush, while sativa strains kickstart the busy morning routine. No wonder the media believes Drew Barrymore smoking marijuana wasn’t a one-time thing in 2007. This superstar cannamom isn’t alone in her habit, either.

Today, we discuss Drew and another eight celebrity mothers proud of consuming cannabis and proving you can be a fabulous and family-oriented toker.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore smoking weed with Cameron Diaz is an iconic paparazzi photo. The adorable actress got into a fuss while recording Going the Distance. She lit up a fake joint and was sure she got high off it. It’s unclear whether she partakes regularly or only in celebrity company.

Barrymore shared stories of her childhood that might’ve informed her feelings about the plant. Her mother discussed marijuana openly, so Drew developed a healthy attitude towards it. Ten-year-old Olive and eight-year-old Frankie might grow up with the same ideals.

Anna Faris

Anna Faris smoking weed led to the invention of a new genre: female stoner comedy. The star of My Super Ex-Girlfriend was High Times’ Stonette of The Year in 2007. She was awarded an inscribed bong and told GQ the item ‘occasionally gets used.’

Faris now has a 10-year-old and seems to smoke off-screen. She’s steeped in the culture, too, if her participation in a cannabis quiz with Seth Rogen is any indication.

Kristen Bell

The gorgeous owner of Happy Dance CBD embraces weed in her personal and professional endeavors. Besides using cannabinoids to maintain a perfect complexion, Bell discussed her toking habits on WTF With Marc Maron in 2018.

The mom of seven-year-old Delta and nine-year-old Lincoln lights up at home and watches television high. A joint helps her de-stress and balance being a business owner, world-famous actress, and parent.

Natalie Portman

Is Natalie Portman a smoker? The Thor: Love and Thunder star featured in several stoner comedies and told Entertainment Weekly she used to toke in college. With a sad expression, she added she felt ‘too old’ for cannabis and no longer consumed it.

Portman now has two children. We wonder whether caring for eleven-year-old Aleph, and five-year-old Amalia made her reconsider abstinence. Marijuana has no upper age limit and could help the superstar mom of two youngsters unwind.

Charlize Theron

The South African actress and producer, became the sweetheart of the 420 community after an interesting paparazzi photo. In it, it appears Theron is smoking cannabis from an apple. Making bongs from household objects is a surefire sign of an experienced toker!

The Bombshell star has two adopted daughters. August is seven and Jackson ten, and the three make for a picture-perfect family. Teron admitted using marijuana for sleep, which may give her energy to maintain her beautiful work-life harmony.

Julia Fox

Does Julia Fox smoke marijuana? The Uncut Gems star has OCD and ADHD. She’s opened up about using cannabis to manage her conditions and remain calm.

Apart from handling Hollywood as a neurodivergent individual, Fox gave birth to a baby boy in 2021. If a puff helps her stay on top of her endless responsibilities, all the power to her.

Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge performed at the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup in Michigan. She used pot throughout her struggle with breast cancer and is now starting a marijuana company. How’s that for putting your money where your mouth is?

Etheridge has four children; the elder Bailey and Beckett are adults now. In a CNN interview, she admitted to sharing a blunt with them, never ashamed to mix motherhood and marijuana.

Megan Fox

Does Megan Fox smoke weed? Yes, and she’s not afraid to say it. The beauty has been vocal about cannabis since her early career. She expressed her hope for legalization to the British GQ in 2009.

Fox is a mother of three: nine-year-old Noah, eight-year-old Bodhi, and five-year-old Journey. She’s now happily engaged to Machine Gun Kelly, who introduced himself by saying ‘I am weed’ when they first met. It’s safe to assume parenting hasn’t changed her attitude towards ganja.

Sarah Palin

The ninth governor of Alaska, is a mother of five, her youngest now a 14-year-old. In a TV appearance with Ron Paul in 2012, the politician admitted to having toked during her term in office. According to her, ‘it was absolutely no big deal,’ as the plant is legal in the region.

The prominent Republican’s advocacy might surprise some, but Palin is all for weed legalization. The fact makes sense if we remember marijuana helped her when she had toddlers, teens, and political responsibilities.

Caring & Chill Cannamothers

These toking celebs affirm the experience of countless moms who smoke weed in America. They prove there’s nothing wrong with using the plant to unwind, have fun, and relieve the stresses of parenthood. If you’d like to follow in their footsteps, buy seeds, grow plants, and smoke high-quality buds after the daily grind.

Jennifer Gallagher

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