86: Eighty Six Episodes 19 and 20 postponed by a week

Through information shared on its official website, it was announced that the 86: Eighty Six Episodes 19 and 20 anime will be postponed for a week. Episodes 19 and 20 were originally scheduled for release on November 27 and December 11, but are now pushed back to December 4 and 18.

The delay was caused by production issues as well as the airing of a TV special. To replace the November 27 void, a special episode 86: Eighty-Six – Special Edition: Shi Shite Kai Aru Mono Nareba will air in place of episode 19.

Asato Asato began serializing the light novel through Dengeki Bunko in April 2017. This work has had an anime adaptation of 11 episodes in April 2021, while part 2 numbers 12 episodes currently airing.

This anime series tells the story of a war between 2 regions involving robots in it. The Republic, which was initially cornered as it continued to be attacked by Gladian, slowly rose up and swapped positions. The Republic rose up by using drones and changed the course of war.

Anime staff issued an apology for the postponement of the 86 Eighty Six part 2 anime series and will provide more details on the other episodes as soon as it is decided.