50 Cent: Pop Smoke Will Not Buy A Grammy Nod Despite Record’s Success

50 Cent exceptionally doubts that Pop Smoke’s debut record may find a nod for a Grammy despite being among the greatest records of 2020, MTO News has discovered.

Take For The Stars,” Aim For The Moon, is undoubtedly among the most prosperous records of this season. The record surfaced w/ 251,000 record units transferred along (such as 59,000 in pure earnings ). Pop Smoke readily copped a No. 1 debut in July. 

It is worth noting that hardly any artists have been able to reach a No. 1 record once they have passed, however, Pop Smoke has been the latest rapper to make this rare accolade.

The record also increased to No. 1 for the second time in October. Back in August, Pop’s posthumous attempt was licensed Platinum with over 1.5 billion flows in its honour.


50 explained why he thought Pop Smoke could be missed during a recent interview with all Rap Caviar. “If it is recognized, it is going to just get recognized since he has gone,” said about Pop Smoke’s record. “The material is comparable to what I’d do. They did not recognize mine. They also gave me GRAMMYs once I had been with Em. When I am on recordings with Eminem. Aside from that, they are reluctant to offer him GRAMMYs since they believe that it’s instructing the viewer to want to become like Pop. And also to be like him would be to be part of gang culture”

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Based on Fifty, it is the type of music which just fans can love because of its genuineness although not the sort which academies will always love. “Who you visit purchase GRAMMYs that’s making Drill audio? You have to tell me ai not none of these tunes worthy of this?” He lasted. “Those programs aren’t to allow them to admit. It is for the civilization, individuals to adopt these tones, and also to actually appreciate the artist to do this.”

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