5 Life Hacks for Your Athletic Wear: How To Make the Most of It!

5 life hacks for your athletic wear

Consignment queen wouldn’t be an accurate description. searching for thrift shops. I don’t mind wearing someone else’s old shoes if they’re cool enough. I would be happy to spend $2 on a jacket, remove the sleeves, and fashion it into the vest of my desires. One of my favorite activities is going out and exploring new things. I’d rather make it special.

In general, buying old sporting clothing is not a good idea because it often falls apart, especially if it is tight-fitting. There will always be that odor when wearing sweaty stretch pants, no matter how many times you shampoo. It may be difficult to find the right clothing for all of my recreational activities, especially if you’re a cross-trainer on a tight budget.

A Life Hack, that Is.

5 life hacks for your athletic wear

Over the years, I’ve repaired stragglers, cut legs, imagined new arms, rocked hand-me-down clothes, flipped them inside-out and upside-down, and generally considered how to reuse once-expensive training equipment.

My go-to activities include running and biking, therefore I tend to exaggerate their vulnerability to hacking. However, I believe that some of these ideas (or a broad outlook) might be applied to a range of physical pursuits. Here are a few of my favorites:

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It’s My Turn Now

My hubby likes to ride his bike. Friends who have more money go. I’ve found that by donating clothes and resources to those in need, karma appears to repay in kind. Even though I have alternative uses for their “it’s too tight in the stomach” tank shirts or menswear x-smalls, I am frequently an eager and appreciative recipient of theirs. These will be treated with respect, and I’ll decide what to do with them later.

I’ve been known to rip the sleeves off old cycling jerseys to construct a raggedy-cool tank top with all the pockets I need but none of the armbands or farmer tan lines that go with them. According to my observations, even “bigger” men’s jerseys drape better this way. I wear either a lightweight tank or a sports bra underneath if the shoulder opening exposes too much skin.

The Knee-High Tweener.

5 life hacks for your athletic wear

My hubby likes to ride his bike. Typically, the friends with more financial resources take the lead. I’ve found that by donating clothes and resources to those in need, karma appears to repay in kind. I frequently receive items with a smile from others, including x-small menswear, tank shirts that are “too tight in the tummy,” out-of-date layers that I wish I could use for something else, and other items.

I’ll decide later on what will happen to these things, but they deserve respect. To get around armband restrictions and unattractive farmer’s tan lines, cut the sleeves off old cycling jerseys and make a vintage tank top with all the required pockets.

When worn in this way, a “bigger” men’s jersey fits me much better. If the opening at the shoulder makes me feel exposed, I’ll wear a colorful sports bra or a thin tank top underneath.

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The Work Table

There’s nothing better than a nice pair of scissors for repurposing worn-out athletic equipment. That is something that I truly mean. The previous owner of our house also left a pair of well-kept sewing scissors behind when they went away.

I upcycle old jeans using the Mack-daddy of dicers to create everything from headbands to sweatshirts for outdoor activities. My 15-year-old Lucy’s yoga pants were recently discovered concealed amid many other pairs of black pants. They cost a lot of money and are constructed of excellent elastic fabric, but they never fit well.

They continued to delve deeper into the outdoor gear cabinet. Recently, in a fit of enthusiasm, I saw them once more. To wear over my old padded liners, I had been looking for a pair of above-the-knee mountain bike shorts with a straight leg. The flare-leg pants I had previously cut off were then put on top of the spandex I no longer wanted to wear, and presto! A well-fitting outfit was created without cost.

The Disposal Bin

5 life hacks for your athletic wear

I like searching racks of antique clothing for useful fabric remnants. When I visit the fabric shop, I look through the remnants section in quest of any brilliant, colorful stretchy materials. If not, I’ll check the athletic fabric section to see if any fabric bolts are on sale.

Purchase a fourth of a yard of your preferred fabric to make a customized “buff” (you know, those multipurpose headbands/neck gaiters/sweat stoppers they sell for $20). You will be respected by the hot women.

Cut a stretchy material that won’t fray into a long, wide rectangle that tapers towards the end for simple tying (most stretchy varieties comply). These are available in a range of hues and patterns. I used to only have one buff, but now I have ten, which I had to remember to wash.

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The Various Use

My aversion to doing laundry is one of the things that motivates my repurposing obsession. Having a range of products with several uses is preferable to worrying about whether or not my favorite $90 Lululemon pants are in the garbage (yes, I buy the Kool-Aid every few years).

In a range of Colorado weather conditions, I can put together options and layers for a bike ride, run, swim, or skiing experience. Even when I get to wear my favorite buttery-soft apparel, the special event makes it feel better and last longer. A few of my most recent projects that required repurposing are listed below:

My beloved swim goggles have to be replaced because when they are jammed into my gym bag, they lose their seal. while doing hot yoga, wearing a fully covered, well-padded Prana swimming suit top.

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