5 Girls Evaluation: Vieve Modern Matte Lipsticks And Modern Lip Definers

Jamie Genevieve’s journey to becoming a wonder mogul started on the cosmetics counters at Debenhams, in which she’d associate with her clients and change their cosmetics bags and their assurance along with her down-to-earth disposition and experience. She has 1.4 million Instagram followers dangling off her every phrase – and to their (and our) pleasure, she’s only launched her own makeup manufacturer, Vieve (that can be pumped on Cult Beauty).

The newest starts with The Basics Collection – a curated Selection of 100% vegetarian cosmetics essentials. But whereas the majority of individuals would whittle their essentials down into a lashes and a concealer, Jamie counts an eyeshadow colour, highlighter, lip liner and lipstick because her desert-island choice.

Below, five girls examine Vieve Modern Matte Lipstick – an naked, velvety lipstick that’s offered in five colors to suit most skin tones, in addition to Vieve Modern Lip Definer – a creamy nonetheless long-wearing choice of gloss pens.

The Products

Vieve Modern Matte Lipstick, Number 19, also Vieve Modern Lip Definer, Number 15.

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The Reviews

Deborah Joseph, Editor In ChiefColor: Lip Definer at Rumour, Lipstick at Power Suit

It had me in the packing: black, embossed in gold, elegant, and also environmentally-friendly paper. Opening the Vieve Modern Matte Power Suit lipstick along with the Lip Definer felt just like unwrapping a longed-for luxurious gift.

The merchandise did not fail either: lipstick exactly the color of cocoa, the lip-liner marginally darker – more sour dark chocolate to make a 90’s lip lining electricity pout effect à la Cindy Crawford from the 90a glass ceiling-smashing scene in the film Working Girl. As a first 90so woman, I am only able to state to Vieve – I am impressed.

Lottie Winter, Beauty EditorColor: Lip Definer at Brat, Lipstick at Ninetease

So creamy, therefore blendable and somehow, therefore long-wearing in the Identical time. This last feature is very important to me personally as somebody who ends up using lipstick on their teeth. It is because of this why I typically choose super cosmetic formulas – the type that dries like cement, however constantly have difficulty with my lips chapping following a couple of hours use. Vieve’s Modern Lipstick and Lip Definer does not do this – it brightens up lips at a cocoon of velvety softness, even while remaining put through the day (such as mealtimes). In terms of the colour choice, I really like that the 90’s attractiveness fad and have dropped for Vieve’s chestnut browns and gentle beige colors.

Luca Wetherby-Matthews, Social Media AssistantColor: Lip Definer at Bark, Lipstick at Ninetease

I have spent all my adult life to a never ending quest for the perfect bare lip, that can be by no means a Simple feat. However this lipstick and liner combo comes really, extremely near. The combo of this Bark lining (moderate chocolate brown) using all the Ninetease lipstick (trendy mocha brown) made this effortlessly trendy 90so lip that I totally adore, using the ideal mix of warm and cool tones. The feel is also an entire fantasy, they are super creamy and feel as though you’re not wearing on your own lips (which a good deal of matte lipsticks don’t perform ).

Chloe Laws, Social Media EditorColor: Lip Definer at Velvet Sands, Lipstick at Ninetease

It is no secret that in GLAMOUR we adore Jamie Genevieve, therefore when I noticed that she had been pulling her own cosmetics line I could not have been more enthusiastic and pleased for her. Even the Ninetease lipstick and velvet sands eyebrow are *rightup my road – I really like that a 90s moment, particularly for AW. The lip lining was tender enough that it might have been used all around the brow, along with also the lipstick glided on absolutely – occasionally with dark naked lippy it could make my lips seem somewhat ironic, but that had just the perfect amount of moisture to get a matte finish which does not chap. Overall – it is 10s over the board .

Katie Teehan, Handling Editor/Chief Sub EditorColor: Lip Definer at Brat, Lipstick at Treasure

In case 2020 has taught me anything, it is a slick of lipstick goes a long way if you spend each working day staring in your Zoom encounter, therefore I am always eager to try a fresh one. I immediately fell for the gold and black packaging, with a super-luxe, Tom Ford vibe on it. However, since it is a selection of nudes I’d have enjoyed some more info on the site on fitting the colors to your own skin tone. I chose Treasure and Brat, that looked marginally pink-toned from the graphics, but in fact, Treasure is much more of a light hearted, peachy brown that is perhaps a bit too 90therefore for somebody who recalls the decade time around.

But, Brat did possess that heat I was seeking, and while I do not normally bother with lining, this converted mesatisfyingly creamy to employ and a wonderful neutral foundation to help your lipstick last. The lipstick itself is packaged with pigment, also its own matte finish includes real staying power — even though with lots of matte lippies, it is somewhat drying so I would ensure your lips are well moisturised before implementing.

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Jamie Genevieve has only dropped her Own cosmetics brand (it is seriously good and currently accessible on Cult Beauty)

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