5 Best VoIP Apps for Small Businesses in 2023

5 Best VoIP Apps for Small Businesses in 2023

Small businesses struggle with so much. From operation sustainability to finances and connectivity, these businesses are often indulged inso much that it becomes difficult for them to make profits. Small businesses need to defineclearsteps for every process so that the owners can put more effort into profit-making.

And communication strategy is one ofthe most important things that help small businesses grow. Defining a clear communication channel with customers isessential to an overall marketing plan. Whereas being in touch with vendors helps in operations sustainability. So, being a business owner, how do you define this communication channel?

Well, various Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps allow you to make calls through the internet so that you may keep in touch with vendors and customers. Every application has featuresthatdistinguish it from the others.

The best voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) apps allow you to go beyond voice calls, make video communications, send team messages, and integrate software.The best part is that there are various free VoIP calling apps to continue your communications while saving on calling costs. These application work on android, as well as IOS, and have become an essential element for business growth.

The great importance of VoIP apps for small businesses has compelled us to drop down to the keyboard and educate you on the 5 Best VoIP Apps for Small Businesses in 2023. After reading the blog, you will have every bit of information to decidewhich VoIP app suits your business model the most!

Talk Home App

Talk Home Apphas 25 years of experience in the calling industry with millions of customers.  The app works on EE, one of the best networks in the United Kingdom. Talk Home App has worked on building relationships with the suppliers so that the fruits can be transferred to the customers.

The app has one of the best rates for international and domestic calls. It is ideal for people with online businesses or globally spread business operations. Every call made through Talk Home App is connected through a local line, so you get the best call quality -that too in prices as low as 1p/min.

The App offers complete flexibility to its customers, meaning there are no contracts, unfair charges, and hidden commitments. You get full control over your calls and communications for your business. You may count on the app if you want a great calling experience with affordable rates and flexibility.


RingCentral is another VoIP app that provides a broad range of features for small businesses. Being a subscriber to RingCentral service, you can get access to a portal to manage your phone system. The app allows you to configure the phone settings directly from your phone, including voicemail greetings, caller ID, and extension settings.

The app is, however, costlier, and being a small business owner, you wouldn’t want to pay higher prices for your telephonic communication.The call flip feature of the appallows you to transfer calls between your phone, Desktop, and Desk phone.

RingCentral helps you transfercalls to voicemail or another telephoneso you do not miss any customers or leads. Moreover, you can also host video conferences and get access to advanced tools such as meeting summaries.


Nextiva is another popular VoIP app that allows you to send attachments along with your text messages. The app also has a team messaging feature,enabling you to communicate with your team; this eliminates the need for a separate platform for team collaboration. The app has a modern interface, so business owners can avoid getting into complexities.

There are certain areas where the application lacks. First, it does not have extensive third-party integration, and it might be difficult for you to collaborate with other businesses if you have to. Secondly, the video meetings are limited to 45 minutes, and the calls are costlier compared to other apps. Those looking for longer call durations and cost-efficient prices may opt for Talk Home App.

The app is available ontablet as well as mobile versions. The app’s main view contains multiple tabs that help you use various application functions. For example, you can view contacts, change your online presence, check call history, and start individual and group calls.


Vonage is a unique VoIP app that allows customers to customize their subscription plan. As a small business owner, you can add extra features to your plan depending on your communication needs. For example, you can add call recording, virtual mailbox, and mobile extensions to your chosen plan. This gives you the freedom to align the plan with your business needs.

The app has advanced messaging functionality, enabling you to see the messages of multiple accounts in a single feed. This helps you check your personal and business inbox without switching between devices.

However, the app has a complicated user interface,which might be problematic if you aren’t tech-savvy. Secondly, the plan has additional charges for toll-free numbers, which might be a problem if you are tight on budget. Of course, who doesn’t want to save extra chunks during high inflation?


Grasshopper is ideal for businesses with low call volume. The app has a user-friendly interfacespecially designed for companies that do not need complex features. All the app plans have similar features like SMS and call forwarding, which helps you avoid premium tires to access the required feature.

The app allows you to pick multiple phone numbers, including local, toll-free, or vanity. If your business needs video conferencing and messaging capabilities, you must look for alternatives,including RingCentral and Talk Home Mobile.