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One of the most popular anime streaming pirate sites, 4anime, has gone down. Anime, which has its roots in Japan, is extremely popular all around the world. However, specialized anime streaming services are either overpriced or just don’t have enough content for fans.

there’s 4anime. Millions of people visited this illegal anime streaming website before it was unceremoniously shut down under legal pressure. Legal actions against websites that host pirated content have increased since last year. Following the 4anime closure, the crackdown appears to have had its way. Here is a detailed account of what took place and what to expect in the upcoming days.

The End of 4 Anime and What Comes Next


4anime was one of the sites that gained prominence after the initial crackdown on piracy sites commenced, according to a TorrentFreak investigation. Still was included among other pirate websites on an Australian site-blocking app, but it kept streaming content.

However, if you search for 4anime. right now, you’ll be taken to a GitHub page that reads as follows:

The tone of the post clearly expresses opposition to 4anime’s closure. Despite the fact that we have a list of justifications for piracy, we don’t endorse or promote it. Piracy costs creators billions of dollars in lost revenue and degrades viewers’ viewing pleasure.

The most recent 4anime closure demonstrates unequivocally that law enforcement is actively targeting pirate streaming websites.

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Where Did 4 Anime Go? [shutdown]


In fact, the 4anime website was the subject of a subpoena request made by a US federal court. The “Legacy Rights Group” made the request, which obliged CDN service provider Cloudflare to divulge the operators of 4anime’s operators’ private information.

The court ordered Cloudflare to provide any and all information that might be used to identify the 4anime owners. The US-based “Legacy Rights Group’s” legal actions are still unconfirmed. However, the 4anime shutdown and the subpoena request do occur at the same time.

4Anime substitutes

You can utilize other websites besides 4anime that are both free and legitimate. Some of the ones we suggest you check out are listed below.

  • Crunchyroll
  • Funimation
  • Retrocrush
  • Bilibili
  • iQiyi
  • Asia Muse (YouTube)
  • Asia’s Ani-One (YouTube)

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