365 Days: This Day Ending Explained

365 Days: This Day Ending Explained

Directed by Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes, 365 Days: This Day is a 2022 erotic thriller movie that is distributed by Netflix. It stars Anna Maria Sieklucka in the lead role while Magdalena Lamparska, Michele Morrone, and Otar Saralidze provide the supporting cast.

The film revolves around Laura and Massimo who are a newly married couple. The movie explores their lives as the couple dives into the new adventures of life. It is the continuation of the previous title and deals with the two in the next part of their life. Let’s discuss 365 Days: This Day ending explained.

365 Days: This Day Ending Explained

365 Days: This Day Plot Summary

Laura and Massimo had married after Laura had lost her baby. This installment of 365 Days is the continuation of the previous movie and advances the story of the newly married couple. Laura and Massimo are truly happy with their new marriage and spend their days happily.

However, Laura starts to feel that she’s missing something from her life and asks Massimo about it. Her husband gives her a clothing company to manage and she gets delighted about the proposal. Meanwhile, Olga falls in love with Domenico.

One day, Domenico proposes to Olga for marriage and she agrees without any hesitation. Life seems to move greatly for everyone, however, one day, Laura learns about the twin brother of Massimo. Upon confronting her husband, he says that he doesn’t want to talk about it.

One day at a party, she sees Massimo in a questionable position with Anna which breaks her heart. She meets the new gardener Nacho and asks him to take him away wherever he wants. This starts the secret events in their life of Laura as she comes to understand the mistake she had made.

365 Days: This Day Ending Explained

What Was Nacho’s Real Identity?

In the beginning, Nacho introduced himself as a gardener. Laura immediately felt attracted to him due to his demeanor and his physique. She would often go out on dates with him whenever she felt like being cheated on by her husband.

One day, she got to know about the villa he was living in and questioned him. However, he told her that it was his father’s and he didn’t want to live under his shadow. The distance between them got closer until one day, Laura spotted something unusual.

She decides to confront Nacho and asks him to reveal his real identity. He reveals himself as Nacho Matos, the son of Fernando Matos who is a leader of a local mafia gang. Their gang was the biggest rival of Massimo.

Laura finally understood what was happening. She had fallen into their plan of Nacho and was just used by him. Nacho confesses that he too felt that he has feelings for her at times. However, he says that family comes before everything for him and this was the case as well.

365 Days: This Day Ending Explained

365 Days: This Day Ending Explained – Who Was Adriano?

Laura gets taken away by their bodyguards of Fernando. We learn that it was Fernando and his men who murdered the child of Laura in the previous movie as a warning to Massimo. They wanted Massimo to stop his expansion, hence they decided to use Laura as leverage.

Massimo reaches to save his wife and learns that she has been taken away by his bodyguards. Laura finds out about Adriano who is the twin brother of Massimo. He reveals that he was born only 10 minutes late and because of that, all his father’s wealth went to his brother.

Anna also wanted to take vengeance on Massimo for choosing Laura over her and hence at the party, she posed with Adriano and Laura mistook him for Massimo and ran off. It was all part of the plan.

A fight breaks out between Massimo, Anna, Adriano, and Nacho. Nacho kills Anna and Massimo kills his brother. Nacho tries to kill Massimo but decides to act against it. Laura gets shot and there’s no clarity on whether she died or survived. Maybe, in the next installment, we will learn about her fate.

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