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Apple Podcasts available directly on web and rumors splitting of Apple iTunes

apple podcasts

Apple podcasts

The Cupertino tech giant came up with a new update of its conventional web interface for the Podcasts. And this time Apple had made a streamlined, clearer web interface which ensures that people can navigate easily.

The users, on the other hand, can easily play the episodes that they need to play directly from the website. And people who are into Apple Podcasts are appreciating the change that has come with the new web interface. By the looks of it, Apple is not forcing the users to install iTunes to listen to the podcasts.

Judging by the new revelation, the Podcast Episodes have got their landing page. The landing page provides the notes of the shows and another opportunity to listen to the other Podcasts. On the other hand, the web interface is still offering the users with an ability to move to iTunes. The new feature will help the users to read the reviews and access the trending charts.

The splitting of Apple iTunes

By the looks of it, the new update is solidifying the rumor that Apple will phase out iTunes for good. Apple has also made changes to the link of the website: URL rather than The sudden change in the site, addresses rumors of iTunes splitting into different directions.


To use and access the Podcasts is nothing more than a very bitter experience. Truthfully, accessing Podcasts from iTunes feels incredibly outdated. Both Steve Troughton-Smith and 9to5 Mac’s Guilherme Rambo have said Apple plans to split iTunes and separate its services. And this brings a highly likely possibility that the future macOS features distinctive apps for Podcasts, Music, and TV. There are also the rumors which suggest that Apple Books app is also going to split from Apple News.

Having different apps for different service is going to benefit the users and the company in its future endeavors.