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Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos divorce, now 69$ Billion is net worth of Amazon CEO

Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos divorce

Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos divorce

There is something or the other than people can learn from the divorce of CEO of Amazon. And one of the most critical aspects from Jeff Bezos’ divorce is protecting assets in the divorce. On the other hand, the potential wealth that comes from being a CEO or a CTO of a company.

The billionaire CEO of Amazon as well as his wife MacKenzie are going to divorce. The couple has told on January via Twitter that want to opt for divorce.

According to TMZ, the couple didn’t previously make a prenuptial agreement. And the couple did not state any reason as to why they never made a postnuptial agreement. According to the estimation, Jeff Bezos has around $136 billion as net worth.

The postnups, as well as the Prenups, are incredibly crucial for setting out the right of property along with responsibilities. The postnups and prenups are very important if a divorce or death takes place. For the record, the prenups are made before the marriage whereas the postnups are applicable after the wedding. And if anyone from the couple doesn’t have their legal documents, then the state comes into play and govern the rate of distribution of properties as well as responsibilities.

What will Bezos lose after the divorce?

According to the experts, a divorce settlement between Bezos and Mackenzie has the potential of slashing Bezos net worth into half. And as the split between the power couple is a mutual decision, it will eventually make Bezos lose half of his fortune.


In the potential divorce between Bezos and MacKenzie, Bezos future ex-wife is entitled to gain half of the net worth that Bezos has or just $69 billion from the total net worth of Bezos. Only time will tell as to what is going to happen with Bezos’ net worth after the divorce.